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Tournament Regulations


General Tournament Regulations cover all general aspects of how tournaments are conducted. Procedures need to be in place for scoring, breaking ties, allowing the use of substitute players, etc. Regulations for bidding, alerting and appealing are often included as part of the club's General Tournament Regulations. Writing a complete set of such regulations is difficult and very time consuming and very few clubs actually do it.

The NSWBA Tournament Regulations recognise this fact and state that, for any affiliated club that does not have its own regulations, then the following sections of the NSWBA Tournament Regulations will apply by default:

  • 4 Substitution, Augmentation, Eligibility & Late Entries
  • 5 Systems
  • 6 Bidding & Play Procedures
  • 8 Fouled Boards
  • 12 Tie-breaks, Replacement of Unavailable Pairs or Teams
  • 13 Scoring Procedures
  • 14 Procedures Pending Appeals
  • 15 Appeals

NSWBA Tournament Regulations


Each event held in a club (e.g. the Club Open Teams Championship, the Restricted Pairs Championship, etc.) requires its own set of special regulations that cover that particular tournament. They need to set out eligibility restrictions, special scoring procedures, qualification rules, special system restrictions, etc.

It is usual to include a clause that states that "In the event of conflict between the club's Tournament Regulations and these Supplementary Regulations, these Supplementary Regulations will apply."