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NSWBA Council

The NSWBA Council

The NSWBA is run by a Council comprising Chairman, Treasurer, six other Ordinary Councillors and five Zonal Councillors. The NSWBA Council meets nine times per year. The financial year of the NSWBA runs from 1st October to the 30th September of the next year.

Present Councillors and Other Officials Contact Details


Along with the Chairman and Treasurer the Ordinary Councillors are elected at the Annual General Meeting normally held early in December.


Zonal Councillors represent clubs affiliated with the NSWBA, one for each of the administrative zones. The zones are:

Metropolitan Postcodes below 2250
Postcodes between 2555 and 2569
Outer Metropolitan Postcodes between 2250 and 2339 inclusive
Southern Postcodes between 2500 and 2551 inclusive
  Postcodes between 2575 and 2580 inclusive
  Postcode 2621
Western Postcodes between 2640 and 2720 inclusive
  Postcodes between 2740 and 2886 inclusive
  Postcodes between 2787 and 2880 inclusive
Northern Postcodes between 2340 and 2499 inclusive
  Postcodes between 2801 and 2850 inclusive

Any club can nominate a person to be the Zonal Councillor for the zone in which it resides. A call for nomination of these Councillors is made each November. The Nomination form for 2021-2022 is in the document below.

Zonal Councillors - Call for Nominations