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Masterpoints Basics

The Masterpoint System

Masterpoints are a measure of player achievement, whilst also providing a major source of revenue for the Australian Bridge Federation.

The scheme is administered by the ABF Masterpoint Centre, where details of all player accumulated credits are recorded. Masterpoints may only be issued through clubs that are affiliated with their State Body.

The ABF Masterpoint Manual provides a complete guide to masterpointing. This document is available in three forms (on-line, pdf and Word document) from the ABF Masterpoint Centre's website .  The ABF Masterpoint Manual is not an easy document to read, especially for those unfamiliar with the scheme, so the NSWBA has produced a handbook to help Club Masterpoint Secretaries in their duties.

ABF Masterpoint Centre

Types of masterpoints issued

Events have different weightings for the points awarded (intended to broadly correspond to the standard of the event). Some types of event (e.g. those that restrict entry in some fashion) also have points factored down. There are three different types of masterpoints available:

Green points are issued at regular club sessions - weightings typically in range 1.0 to 1.5.

 Red points are issued at State Championships, Congresses and major club events - weightings typically in range 2.5 to 5.0.

Gold points are only issued at National Championships - weightings typically in range 5.0 to 10.0.

The Masterpoint Centre

The Centre is managed by the ABF Masterpoint Centre Manager.
Contact details are:
Web Site

The ABF Masterpoint centre will give each club a sign on to the masterpoint centre. This is where they manage their players and masterpoints. The website has places for the club masterpoint secretary to register and transfer players into your club, enter Masterpoints, get reports about the players in your club etc.  It also allows you to inactivate members who haven't paid their memberships, thus preventing them from earning masterpoints until they are reactivated.

The State Masterpoint Secretary

The NSW State Masterpoint Secretary is David Weston

Contact the State Masterpoint Secretary

Apply for Red MP Authorisation

The Club Masterpoint Secretary

Each club needs to appoint a Club Masterpoint Secretary. This person has the following responsibilities:

  • To ensure the correct masterpoint awards are made for all sessions conducted by the club.
  • To upload results to the ABF Masterpoint Centre and print relevant reports for your members.
  • To ensure that details the ABF Masterpoint Centre maintains about your club's membership are kept up-to-date.