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Appeals Regulations

An Appeals Committee is not the luxury that some clubs believe, especially since the Director can refer one of his/her decisions to appeal without waiting for the players to do so. Some of the club's most experienced members (say 5 to 10) should be approached at the start of the year and asked if they would accept being part of an Appeals Committee. The names of these players would be posted on the notice board and some sort of roster should be established with a view of having 3 to 5 members available for each event.

In the case of an appeal, the non-involved players (i.e. those not directly involved at the table and preferably those minimally affected by the outcome of the appeal) would be selected as part of the Appeals Committee. It is probably a good idea to have players of different standards in the Appeals Committee as the standard of the players involved at the table can make a great deal of difference in the approach taken to the Director's decision and to any adjustment thereof.

The NSWBA Appeals Regulations are modelled on those of the ABF. Apart from Clause 7.5 and Section F, which both deal specifically with appeals at events at the NSWBA, they can be used by affiliated clubs.

NSWBA Appeals Regulations

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