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State Masterpoint Issues

Congress licence fees and masterpoints

The Congress Licence Fee ("CLF") is payable to the NSWBA and is calculated based on the total number of masterpoints issued at a congress. This amount will be invoiced by the NSWBA to the host club of the congress once they have submitted their results and awards file to the State Masterpoint Secretary (SMPS), and those awards have been submitted to the ABF Masterpoint Centre (ABFMPC) for their processing. The actual masterpoint costs themselves are payable to the ABFMPC and clubs will receive invoices from the ABFMPC for those.

Warning: The ABF grant host clubs up to 1 month to submit their events to the ABFMPC, otherwise a late fee is applied by the ABFMPC at 4% per month late, or part thereof.

Clubs should therefore submit their results/masterpoint file within 2 weeks of the end of the event, allowing the SMPS 2 weeks to process the event and submit it to the ABFMPC within their allowed deadline.

If there are delays in submitting your congresses, this will also impact on the Congress Player of the Year updates shown in the eCongress Newsletter published each month. Those results can only be produced accurately once ALL congresses have been processed for the month.