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Promotion and Teaching Funding

The NSWBA is committed to assisting clubs in the promotion of Bridge in the community and in developing the skills of their directors, teachers and players. The ABF supports this initiative by allocating funds for this purpose to be administered by each state body.

Clubs are encouraged to liaise with other clubs in their region for the promotion of Bridge and actively seek to maximise local participation. Some suggestions for this purpose are:

  • Expert seminars for players on any aspects of the game e.g. bidding or card play
  • Expert seminars on directing and computer scoring
  • Teacher training seminar
  • Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced lessons from a local or touring expert

Your advertising and promotion costs such as newspapers, letter-box drops etc. could be included in your event expenses or as a separate promotional activity. The NSWBA may be able to assist you with advice and by posting a notice on our website or in our Bulletin.

To simplify the application for funding process, you are asked to follow these steps:

  1. Decide on the event in consultation with nearby clubs
  2. Plan and budget the event
  3. Hold and evaluate the event
  4. Complete the 'Request for Funding of a Bridge promotion event' form if it is required and include a brief summary of the format and evaluation of the event.

The NSWBA asks you to provide these details so that we may help other clubs with similar endeavours. To assist with your budgeting, clubs should anticipate approval claims for any shortfall of revenues up to $300, and may apply for extra assistance with sufficient justification. If your club does not wish to hold a specific event but wishes to apply for assistance with promoting bridge in your area, then please summit the 'Request for a Bridge Promotion Grant' form. Please indicate where you require assistance from the NSWBA e.g. Costs for printing materials such as flyers, information kits etc.

NSWBA Subsidy Policy and Forms

pdf NSWBA Subsidy Policy

Promotion Grant Form: word pdf

Teaching Grant Form: word pdf

Travel Subsidy Form: word pdf


Bridge Promotion

The NSWBA has produced a flyer promoting the game of bridge. Print your own or pick up a glossy one at the NSWBA and pass it to anyone who would be interested in learning.

NSWBA Promotional Flyer