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Running a Congress


Organising and Running an Online Congress

The dates for all online congresses must be approved by the Congress Coordinator. In case of clashes, priority will be given to clubs that had a face-to-face congress scheduled for the same date.

Following ABF guidelines, the NSWBA has published regulations governing the running of online congresses.

pdf NSWBA Rules for Online Congresses Updated January 10, 2022

The ABF has published regulations for all online players.

pdf ABF Online Regulations


BBO has a maximum section size of 49 tables in Swiss Pairs. If there are more than 49 tables BBO will split the field into two sections causing a problem with Masterpointing and Scoring. Swiss Pairs events should be limited to 49 tables or steps taken to run separate events. E.g. Open and Restricted. Please contact Matthew McManus for advice.

Note that scheduling a lunch break using BBO is not trivial - make sure your Director is au fait with how it's done.

Organising a Congress

The following document is provided to assist organisers in the running of a congress.

pdf Organising a Congress Updated 5 October, 2023


  • Congress and State Events Coordinator - Pauline Gumby

    Contact Pauline for all queries relating to the calendar.

  • NSW Masterpoint Secretary (Congresses and State Events) - David Weston

    Super Congresses must be approved each year by the State Masterpoint Secretary.

Congress Directors

Congress events require a director of Grade C1 or higher. Super Congress events (Grade B3 masterpoints) require a director of Grade B or higher.

Congress Directors

Applications, Conditions, Fees and Masterpoints

Clubs are invited to apply for congresses, holidays or cruises in the year preceding the date of the event. The forms are completed online and submitted to the Congress Coordinator. The Congress Conditions and the instructions for payment of fees and submission of results for masterpointing are detailed in the Congress Conditions letter.

The Application Letter, Online Application Form, Congress Conditions and Congress Report Form are available at:

Running a Congress > Forms and Conditions

Approvals for Bridge Holidays outside NSW

It is a requirement that when a bridge event, including a Bridge Holiday, is to be held outside the state from which the event is being organised, that approval must be obtained from both the originating and host state's Association/Federation.

For example if a Tasmanian organiser wishes to hold an event in the Northern Territory, approval of the TBA and NTBA must be sought.

  • Approval of events originating outside NSW rests with the Chairman of the NSWBA Tournament Committee.
  • For events originating in NSW but held outside NSW, it is the organiser's responsibility to gain permission from that State's designated Authority.


Brochures for congresses and holidays must be mailed or emailed to the office of the NSWBA. Also, original versions of the brochures, e.g. Word, Publisher or a PDF file from your printing firm should be emailed to the webmaster at for inclusion on the Calendar page. Scanned copies of brochures in jpg format or similar will not be posted.

eCongress News

The NSWBA supports the congress scene with a monthly eCongress newsletter.

Please send stories about your congresses to

eCongress Newsletters


All entries should be displayed online. The NSWBA website provides an online entry facility which can be maintained via the Entry Administration - see details below. However, it is now recommended that clubs use the facilities provided by My ABF.

NSWBA Entry Administration

Contact the webmaster for a username and password.

The following functions are available to organisers and directors to manage the entries:

  • Add, change or delete an entry
  • Print the entry list
  • Send an email to an individual contact
  • Send an email to all of the contacts
  • Compare the entries of two events
  • View the Suspended Players list
  • Download the Entries, Players File, Contact Emails*, Player Emails* and Home Clubs as CSV files
* Please remember to use BCC when using downloaded email addresses.

In addition, organisers and directors can update some of the event's details:

  • Open and Close entries
  • Modify the maximum number of tables
  • Update the start and end times
  • Add links to the results and payments or external entry sysytem (e.g. My ABF)
  • Add up to two questions and set whether they are mandatory
  • Modify the information for players

If the email address for entries is different from the organiser's email contact the webmaster.

Login to Entry Administration


The event director should upload full results to the Congress website or a similar site or, if that is not possible, email them to the NSWBA webmaster at .

The link to the results should be added to the details for the event via the Entry Administration as soon as it is known. The front page of the NSWBA website and the Calendar depend on this link.

Congress Results

Player Behaviour

Congress players are expected to be ethical and courteous at all times and as such are subject to the NSWBA's Congress Disciplinary Regulations. Reported breaches of acceptable behaviour are investigated and dealt with by the Congress Disciplinary and Ethics Committee (CDEC) committee drawn from a panel representing each zone in the state.

NSWBA's Congress Disciplinary Regulations

CDEC Panel