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Bidding System RegulationsS

The ABF classifies bidding systems, based solely on the meanings of the 1-level openings, as either Green, Blue, Red or Yellow. In addition, some conventional bids (generally 2-level openings) are classified as Brown Sticker Conventions. In the interests of uniformity across the country, the NSWBA has a policy that it will maintain the same System Classification as the ABF. Although affiliated clubs have the freedom to classify bidding systems any way they like, it is definitely in the best interests of your players to use the same classification used by the majority of clubs in Australia.

The full description and explanation of the ABF System Classification can be found in sections 1 and 2 of the ABF's System Regulations.

ABF System Regulations (August 2017)

It is entirely appropriate for a club to restrict the use of certain bidding systems or conventions. For example, your Club Teams Championship may have no restrictions, your Club Pairs Championship may prohibit the use of Yellow Systems and Brown Sticker conventions, and your Monday daytime session may require all partnerships to play a Green system. Any such restrictions should be clearly advertised so that players are aware of them at the time they enter for an event held at your club.

System Cards. These should be provided to the opponents as a reference for them to use. A club may design and print its own card, or allow its members to design their own, but it is much easier for players to locate the information they seek if they are familiar with the layout of an opponent's card. It is therefore recommended that all players be encouraged to complete an ABF System card. 

The number (0, 1 or 2) and type of system cards that each partnership must provide should form part of the club's Tournament Regulations. Note that the provision of two identical ABF system cards is mandatory at all ABF and NSWBA licensed events.

ABF System Card