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World Bridge Federation

The World Bridge Federation (WBF)


The World Bridge Federation (WBF) was formed in August 1958 by delegates from Europe, USA and South America.

History of the World Bridge Federation (WBF website)

The WBF has shown strong and steady growth and its membership now comprises over 100 National Bridge Organisations (NBOs) with over 700,000 affiliated members who participate actively in competitive bridge events - locally, nationally and internationally.

The purpose of the World Bridge Federation is:

  • to promote, foster, promulgate, develop and govern the sport of Bridge internationally
  • to support and encourage the development of youth bridge, in particular by encouraging and assisting NBOs in promoting bridge in schools, universities and other educational and youth organisations
  • to be in the Olympic Movement, remaining affiliated with the International Olympic Committee ("IOC") as a recognized International Federation ("IF") in conformity with the requirements of the Olympic Charter and to contribute to the achievement of the goals set out in the Olympic Charter, in particular by way of spreading Olympism and Olympic education
  • to federate national bridge organisations in all countries
  • to devise methods and conduct competitions to award international or world championship titles
  • to establish standard laws for its contests adopting recognised standards of fair-play, good ethics and supplementing these as may be required
  • to support and encourage the promotion of positive sport ethics
  • to dedicate its efforts to ensure that in bridge contests the spirit of fair play prevails
  • to fight against unethical behaviour, manipulation of competitions and alterations of results in bridge
  • to fight against doping in sport and to take measures the goal of which is to prevent endangering the health of bridge players

The WBF endeavours to maintain friendly relations amongst its members and amongst Zonal Conferences The WBF does not permit any political, religious, gender or racial discrimination or any violation of human rights amongst its members

The WBF Zonal Conferences & Affiliated Federations (NBOs)

The members of the World Bridge Federation are the National Bridge Organisations ("NBOs").

The World Bridge Federation consists consists of five continents, following the five rings of the Olympic Movement (America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania) and of eight Zonal Conferences. Each Zonal Conference administers bridge in its own geographical area, coordinating the National Federations of its member countries.

Zone Organisation Area Member Countries Membership*
1 European Bridge League Europe 46 274,497
2 North American Bridge Federation North America 3 124,909
3 Confederacion Sudamericana de Bridge South America 10 2,861
4 Bridge Federation of Asia & the Middle East Asia 9 6,044
5 Central American and Caribbean Bridge Federation Central America 11 485
6 Asia Pacific Bridge Federation Pacific Asia 11 56,716
7 South Pacific Bridge Federation South Pacific 2 46,371
8 African Bridge Federation Africa 8 3,881
Total: 100 515,764

*2022 Information but Membership always refers to the previous year.

Each National Contract Bridge Organisation agrees to fulfil certain requirements, such as opening its ranks to all its citizens and residents and upholding a standard of ethics acceptable to the WBF.

The World Bridge Federation has a Congress which has the powers not delegated to the Executive Council under the Statutes and Bylaws.

The Congress meets every second year, at Team Olympiads and at World Championships. Each National Bridge Organization (NBO) is entitled to send one delegate to the Congress, at which a quorum consists of delegates from at least one-third of the NBOs in good standing with the WBF.

The World Bridge Federation is administered by an Executive Council consisting of the President and up to 24 other members, including:

  • up to 19 (nineteen) members elected by the Zonal Conferences;
  • 2 (two) members elected by the High Level Players Commission.
  • 3 (three) members elected by the Congress. The President/s Emeritus and the General Counsel are entitled to attend the Executive Council meetings with consultative powers but no voting rights.

The Executive Council meets annually. There is also a Management Committee which transacts necessary business between Executive Council meetings.


The WBF organises numerous championships including the prestigious Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup which are contested in odd numbered years. Further information about these events and other WBF events can be obtained from the WBF website.

The South Pacific Bridge Federation

The South Pacific Bridge Federation is the governing body for organized bridge activities and promotion on the South Pacific area. It has Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and French Polynesia as members although New Caledonia and French Polynesia are not currently affiliated with the WBF.