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There are several types of insurance relevant to bridge clubs. Affiliated clubs automatically receive some insurance free through National policies; other cover may also need to be considered.

Insurances automatically included for affiliated clubs

Blanket policies (funded by the ABF and State bodies) have been taken out for the following insurances. These cover the ABF, State bodies and all affiliated clubs.

  • Management liability
    This covers against possible litigation for committee decisions.
  • Public liability insurance
    This covers against claims made against the ABF, an affiliated club or State body for personal injury or property damage sustained by third parties.
  • Voluntary workers insurance
    This covers against no fault injury for all volunteers, directors and committee members when carrying out authorised work for the ABF, an affiliated club or State body.

More details on all these policies, including levels of cover and certificates of currency, can be found on the ABF website.

ABF Insurance Policies

Additional insurance affiliated clubs should consider arranging themselves

The following insurances should also be considered by clubs

  • Premises insurance
    This is normal building or contents insurance.
  • Workers compensation insurance
    This covers against injury sustained by employees while at work.
  • Business insurance
    This covers record recovery/reconstruction and loss of business in the event of a catastrophe.

ABF Newsletter article

The September 2014 edition of the ABF newsletter contained a detailed article on insurances.

ABF Newsletter - Sept 2014

ABF Insurance broker

The ABF is sponsored by Tony Bemrose Insurance Brokers who can provide assistance to bridge clubs on all potential insurance matters.

Tony Bemrose Insurance Brokers

Individual member benefits

As part of the above sponsorship, all members of affiliated clubs have access to discounted insurance products. The most popular is the travel insurance.

ABF Membership Benefits - Insurance Products