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Grand National Open Teams (GNOT)

Sydney Metropolitan Region

The NSWBA will send 22 teams to the GNOT National Final with 7 of those teams from the Sydney Metropolitan region (2 directly from the NSWBA qualifying event, 1 directly from the NSBC qualifying event and 4 from the Sydney Metropolitan final).

Sydney Metropolitan Qualifying

For Clubs

Sydney Metropolitan Direct Qualifiers

The NSWBA and the North Shore Bridge Club will each hold an event to qualify two and one teams respectively directly to the GNOT National Final.

NSBC GNOT Qualifier Starts Feb 18

NSWBA GNOT Direct Qualifier Starts May 10

NSBC Direct Qualifier Results
Kim Morrison, David Weston, Bruce Neill, Michael Hughes

NSWBA Direct Qualifier Results
Pauline Gumby, Warren Lazer, Jamie Thompson, Stephen Williams
Patrick Jiang, Hui Li, Vicky Wei, Shijun Tian

Sydney Metropolitan Final
RealBridge, September 18-19

Four teams will qualify to the Online National Final, RealBridge, 26-28 November.

Players who have not already qualified via a club qualifying event may form teams and enter the Metropolitan Final directly via the NSWBA at a cost of $160 per team.

Direct Entry

Metropolitan GNOT Organiser

Fraser Rew