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The Grand National Open Teams is an Australia-wide event conducted by the Australian Bridge Federation Inc (ABF). It is the only opportunity for players to earn Gold Masterpoints in their local club. It works like this:

  • Australia is divided into regions on a geographical basis.
  • Each region provides a set number of teams to the National Final (a total of 60 teams in 2023).
  • Clubs hold heats to qualify teams to a final within their region.
  • Each Regional Final qualifies 1 or more teams to the National Final.
  • From 2024 onwards, the National Final will be played in two stages:
    1. a knock-out with Swiss repechage in mid-September played online on RealBridge platform,
    2. face-to-face Finals involving 4 open teams and 8 non-metropolitan teams in late November in Sydney.
  • The ABF provides travel grants to teams that qualify for the face-to-face Finals in Sydney.

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