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John Arkinstall State Teams

9-11 December 2022


The winners of the State Open Teams were the SYDNEY METROPOLITAN 1 team. The Country Teams was won by the OUTER METROPOLITAN team.

Winners of the 2022 John Arkinstall State Open Teams
Peter Gill, Liz Sylvester, Paul Dalley and Tony Nunn (Martin Bloom absent)

Winners of the 2022 Country Teams
Jaan Oitmaa, Sylvia Foster, Dasha Brandt and David Bowerman

All clubs are invited to participate in the John Arkinstall State Teams by holding events to qualify teams to their respective Regional Finals.

10 Teams from the NSWBA, the Sydney Metropolitan zone, the Outer Metropolitan, Northern, Southern and Western zones will play in the John Arkinstall State Teams Round Robin on Friday and Saturday 9-10 December.

On Sunday 11 December the top two teams will play in the Final and the top two Country Teams will play in the Country Teams final.

2022 State Teams Final Supplementary Regulations

Round Robin Qualifying: 2 x 10 board matches commencing 7:00 pm Friday 9 December 2022,
5 x 10 board matches commencing 10.00 am Saturday 10 December 2022.

Finals: 56 boards commencing 10:00 am Sunday 11 December 2022.


Warren Lazer, Pauline Gumby, Ron Klinger, Peter Buchen
Michael Courtney, Joan Butts, Tony Ong, Ruth Tobin

Sydney Metropolitan Zone
Paul Dalley, Peter Gill, Martin Bloom, Tony Nunn, Liz Sylvester
Alex Glikin, Michael Young, Terence Palmer, Mick McAuliffe (SYDNEY BRIDGE CENTRE)

Northern Zone
Marjorie Askew, William Powell, Clive Klugman, Gary Lynnr
Henry Hudson, Bronwyn Boehm, Pauline Erby, Gil Clarke

Southern Zone
Eric Lindh, Patricia Phillips, Catherine Chaffey and Chris Bayliss

Western Zone
No representative team

Outer Metropolitan Zone
Greg Mayo, Sharon Mayo, Paul McGrath, Michael Simes (withdrawn due to illness)
Judy Wulff, Susan McCall, David Bowerman, Dasha Brandt, Sylvia Foster, Jaan Oitmaa