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John Arkinstall State Teams

As a result of the rescheduling of the 2021 Australian National Championships to November 6-18, the finals of the NSW State Open Teams have moved to December 10-12.

10-12 December 2021



State Open Teams : SYDNEY METROPOLITAN 1 Kim Morrison, Bruce Neill, Mike Hughes, David Weston, Julian Foster.

Country Teams : OUTER METROPOLITAN 1 Sharon Mayo, Greg Mayo, Paul McGrath, Michael Simes.

All clubs are invited to participate in the John Arkinstall State Teams by holding events to qualify teams to their respective Regional Finals.

10 Teams from the NSWBA, the Sydney Metropolitan zone, the Outer Metropolitan, Northern, Southern and Western zones will play in the John Arkinstall State Teams Round Robin on Friday and Saturday 10-11 December.

On Sunday 12 December the top two teams will play in the Final and the top two Country Teams will play in the Country Teams final.

2021 State Teams Online Final Supplementary Regulations

Round Robin Qualifying: 3 x 9 board matches commencing 7:00 pm Friday 10 December 2021,
6 x 9 board matches commencing 10.00 am Saturday 11 December 2021.

Finals: 48 boards commencing 10:00 am Sunday 12 December 2021.


Warren Lazer, Pauline Gumby, Nico Ranson, Jamie Thompson, + Matt Smith
Chris Dibley, Michael Seldon, Wayne Smith, Peter Livesey

Sydney Metropolitan Zone
Morrison, Neill, Weston, Foster, + Mike Hughes
Vivienne Eldridge, Alan Davies, Peter Bendelstein, Robin Devries, + Patrick Starck, + Allan Pike (PENINSULA)

Northern Zone
Liz Jeffery, Howard Jeffery, Paul Smith, Winston Guymer
Bill Powell, Marjorie Askew, Gary Lynn, Clive Klugman

Southern Zone
Tony Rolfe, Lauri Perino, Susanne Dillon, Lucy Robinson

Western Zone
Marie Gin, Henry McMahon, Kyle Giggacher, Georgina Giggacher, John McMahon, Charles McMahon

Outer Metropolitan Zone
Sharon Mayo, Greg Mayo, Paul McGrath, Michael Simes
David Bowerman, Chris Hasemore, Alfie Nation, Gwen White