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NSW State Open Pairs (incorporating the State Country Pairs)

20-21 November 2021

Only players with their home club in NSW or ACT are eligible to play .

Session Times: Saturday 10am and 2pm, Sunday 10am and 2pm.

2021 State Open Pairs Results

2021 Spring Swiss Pairs Results

The top 14 pairs on Saturday will qualify for the State Open Pairs Final. In addition, the top 14 pairs from the non-metropolitan clubs will qualify to a separate Country Pairs Final. (The size of the Country Final will be reduced if fewer than 14 eligible pairs are available.) Country pairs who qualify for the State Final may choose which Final they contend.

The cost for club representative pairs is $100 per pair. (The NSWBA will invoice the clubs).

Pairs that have not qualified via an affiliated club may make a direct entry into the final at a cost of $120 per pair.
They may enter on-line via the NSWBA website:

Direct Online Entry for non-qualifiers

For Clubs

The NSWBA invites all affiliated clubs to conduct qualifying events for the 2021 State Open Pairs Championship.



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