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2019 NSW Under 100 Masterpoints Pairs Championships

Sydney Bridge Centre

NSWBA Chairman John Scudder presented the prize to the winners Joanne Morgan and Gale Spalvins (absent) who came first in the 50-99.99 MPs Division

Neil Melvin and Peta Drake – winners of the 25-49.99 MPs Division in the Local Final held at Sydney Bridge Centre


Peninsula Bridge Club

Nerida Gillies and Sandy Carter - second place in the 25-50MP category


Blue Mountains Bridge Club

Marion Grammer and Carole O'Connor - club winners in the 25-50MP category

Ian & Chris Jackson



The results for the 2019 Under 100 Masterpoints Championships Finals, played between Nov 25 and Dec 1 at various venues around NSW, are now available. The scores from all 12 separate venues were matchpointed across the state and the results for all competing pairs are shown in the following files:

Detailed results, including score frequency tables for each board played, can be found at  Follow the links on the left of screen to Overall Results and Frequency Tables.  Ignore any masterpoint awards shown on this site – they are incorrect.

Masterpoint awards

In accordance with the ABF Masterpoint Scheme, all awards were calculated on the non-handicapped results and include a Master Factor (shown in the following table). Awards are made to the top half of the field in each masterpoint division.

Masterpoint Division 0-9.99 10-24.99 25-49.99 50-99.99
Master Factor applied 0.450 0.575 0.650 0.800


The top prize of free entry and an ABF grant to attend the Restricted Butler Pairs at the Adelaide ANC (July 18 & 19) is based on the non-handicapped scores. Congratulations to Joanne Morgan and Gale Spalvins from the Sydney Bridge Centre.

All other prizes are awarded on the basis of the handicapped results. In previous years, the handicapping has narrowed the gap between the top five place-getters to within 1% of each other. Not so this year as first and second were 10% and 5% clear of the rest of the field and even the handicapping couldn’t pull them back to the field - though it did cause them to swap places. Cash prizes ($300, $200 & $100) are awarded to the pairs coming first, second and third overall.

» Explanation of the handicapping procedure

Overall results

1st           Jane Ryan - Sarah Edelman (10-24.99)

2nd          Joanne Morgan - Gale Spalvins (50-99.99)

3rd           Anthony Gam - Helen Foster (0-9.99)

Winning pairs in each Masterpoint Division win $100, whilst each runner-up receives a voucher from the Bridge Shop worth $30. These Divisional prizes will be awarded to those pairs who have not already received a cash prize for finishing in the top three places overall, so will devolve to the pairs running 4th in the 0-9.99, 10-24.99 and 50-99.99 divisions. In addition, all the prize winners listed have won subscriptions to the Novice Edition of Australian Bridge magazine. Each winner needs to email and provide your email address so that your on-line subscription can be set up.

Certificates will also be issued to the winners in each division at each of the centres holding local finals. Winners of major prizes can expect to receive them sometime in late January.

List of divisional prize winners based on handicapped results

50-99.99 Masterpoint Division

1st           Joanne Morgan - Gale Spalvins

2nd           Ray Ghioni - Robert Sheahan

3rd           Lilly Wilson - Mary McDonald

4th           Phill Robbins - Sue Fielder

25-49.99 Masterpoint Division

1st           Colin Speller - Jodie Gudaitas

2nd           Sandy Carter - Nerida Gillies

3rd           Catherine Wood - Bernadette Mossman

10-24.99 Masterpoint Division

1st           Jane Ryan - Sarah Edelman

2nd           Ed Nataraj - Ken Hubbell

3rd           Ian Jackson - Christine Jackson

4th           Ania Glover - Marney Tilley

0-9.99 Masterpoint Division

1st           Anthony Gam - Helen Foster

2nd           Anne Easterman - Bill Roberts

3rd           Julie Barker - Jorge Ros

4th           Toni Ridge - Callie Taylor

Comments from the Organiser

All aspects of the event are up for discussion. If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please email

Thanks to all the players for being involved. I hoped you enjoyed it. The UHMP Finals will be held in the week November 23-29 in 2020. I hope you’ll take part.

Yours sincerely,
Warren Lazer (Organiser)

Finals: Sometime in the week November 25 to December 1 at a local club.

Club sessions are held in September and October in your local club. Entry fee: $2. Check your local club for session times.

Over 70% of the registered active players in the state have fewer than 100 masterpoints.
Masterpoint range % of registered
active NSW players
0-9.99 MP 34%
10-24.99 MP 14%
25-49.99 MP 12%
50-99.99 MP 12%

The Under 100MP State Pairs Championships are restricted to those players with fewer than 100 masterpoints as at August 31, 2019.

Early rounds (club sessions) will be played in affiliated clubs and scored locally. Local Finals are played simultaneously over a single session in the last week of November at about 20 different centres scattered around NSW. 

Red masterpoints are issued at level B4s and will be paid for by the NSWBA. Masterpoints are calculated and awarded separately in each masterpoint division.

Entry fee is just $2.00 per player, payable when you play your club session.

Prizes will include free entry to major Australian Restricted and or Novice events (donated by the ABF), cash, certificates and subscriptions to the online Novice Edition of the Australian Bridge magazine.

Clubs that will be participating are listed below.

Enter a metropolitan final using the online calendar:

For entries to all of the other clubs, please contact the club directly

The following clubs are holding UHMP sessions during September and/or October. UHMP Finals will be held by the following clubs between November 25 and December 1. Contact the club for further details.
Armidale Bridge Club (2-010)
Ballina Bridge Club (2-016)
Batemans Bay Bridge Club (2-019)
Blue Mountains Bridge Club Inc (2-020)
Camden Haven Bridge Club (2-024)
Central Coast Bridge Club (2-025)
Central Coast Leagues Club Bridge Club (2-036)
Cowra & District Bridge Club (2-038)
Dubbo Bridge Club (2-130)
Glen Bridge Club (2-070)
Great Lakes Bridge Club (2-081)
Illawarra Bridge Association (2-105)
Milton Bridge Club (2-144)
Moruya Bridge Club (2-241)
Mudgee Bridge Club (2-153)
St George Budapest Bridge Club (2-237)
Taree Bridge Club (2-256)
Tomaree Bridge Club (2-254)
Armidale Bridge Club (2-010)Wed 27 Nov1.00pm
Ballina Bridge Club (2-016)Thu 28 Nov12.30pm for 12.45pm
Batemans Bay Bridge Club (2-019)Thu 28 Nov12.45pm
Blue Mountains Bridge Club (2-020)Tue 26 Nov1pm
Central Coast Leagues Club Bridge Club (2-036)Sun 1 Dec1.00pm
Cowra Bridge Club (2-038)Tue 26 Nov1.00pm
Great Lakes Bridge Club (2-081)Thu 28 Nov9.00am
Illawarra Bridge Association (2-105)Sun 1 Dec1.30pm
Peninsula Bridge Club (2-210)Fri 29 Nov12.30pm
Sydney Bridge Centre (2-006)Sun 1 Dec1.30pm
Trumps Bridge Centre (2-259)Mon 25 Nov9.50am
Wellington Bridge Club (2-268)Tue 26 Nov10.00am
For Clubs

The NSWBA invites all affiliated clubs to conduct qualifying events for the 2019 Under 100 MP Pairs Championships.

Click here to enter your club

Click here to apply to host a local final

The Tournament Organiser of this event (on behalf of the NSWBA) is Warren Lazer. All correspondence and queries should be sent to or ring Warren on (02) 9744 1555 after 10.00 am.