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John Arkinstall State Teams - 2018

2018 John Arkinstall State Teams Finals
December 14-16
NSW Bridge Association
Level 1, 162 Goulburn St, East Sydney

All clubs are invited to participate in the John Arkinstall State Teams by holding events to qualify teams to their respective Regional Finals.


The winners of the State Open Teams were the BLOOM team. The Country Teams was won by the HURLEY team from the NORTHERN region.

Winners of the 2018 John Arkinstall State Open Teams
Warren Lazer, Pauline Gumby, Peter Gill, Tony Nunn, Martin Bloom (absent)

Winners of the 2018 John Arkinstall Country Teams
Gary Lynn, Eric Hurley, William Powell, Marjorie Askew

10 Teams from the NSWBA, the Sydney Metropolitan region, the Outer Metropolitan, Northern and Southern & Western regions will play in the John Arkinstall State Teams Round Robin on Friday and Saturday December 14 & 15. On Sunday December 16 the top two teams will play in the Final and the top two Country Teams will play in the Country Teams final.

2018 State Teams Final Supplementary Regulations

Round Robin Qualifying: 3 x 10 board matches commencing 7:00 pm Friday December 14, 2018,
6 x 10 board matches commencing 10.00 am Saturday December 15, 2018.

Finals: 56 boards commencing 10:00 am Sunday December 16, 2018.


Julian Foster, David Weston, Paul Dalley, Yumin Li, Maurits van der Vlugt (augmented)
Nicoleta Giura, Nick Hughes, Helena Dawson, Tony Ong

Sydney Metropolitan Zone
Witold Chylewski, Linda Aubusson, David Boga, Rosa Pang, Judy Zhu (augmented)
Martin Bloom, Tony Nunn, Peter Gill, Warren Lazer, Pauline Gumby (augmented)

Northern Zone
Rachel Rich, Michael Johnson, Ros Roworth, Bas Bolt
Eric Hurley, Gary Lynn, Marjorie Askew, William Powell

Southern & Western Zone
Graham Evans, Kevin Tant, Kevin Douglas, Janet Turnell
Bal Krishan, Phil Glover, Jan Rava, David Brennan

Outer Metropolitan Zone
Chris Dibley, Michael Seldon, Greg Mayo, Sharon Mayo
Sylvia Foster, Jaan Oitmaa, Helen Eaton, Gary Barwick

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