Congress/Holiday/Cruise (Tournament) Application Form

Before submitting this form consult the information in the Application Letter on the
Running a Congress/Forms page.
Please submit a separate form for each Congress/Tournament.

Applicant Details

In this section please put your details in case we need to contact you about this application.

Tournament & Organiser Details

In this section please include the details of the Tournament and the person who will be responsible for organising it. If the organiser is unknown at this stage, just specify To be advised.

Congress Holiday Cruise
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* If your club runs more than one congress you must nominate which congress is your primary congress

Online Entries - Congresses Only

Clubs are encouraged to use the Online Entry system provided on the NSWBA website. Please indicate below if you intend to take online entries on the NSWBA site.

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Please check No on "Online Entries Open" if you intend to delay opening entries. If you check No you will need to remember to open the entries in the future.

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Alternatively, you may choose to use another website. Please provide the link to your entry system on that website.

Events - Congresses Only

Each congress must include at least one event, so please fill in the details for your event below.

In the Title include the type of event - e.g. Pairs, Swiss Pairs, Teams

No. of Tables indicates the maximum number of tables you will accept.

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