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State Events - Expressions of Interest Sought

The NSWBA seeks expressions of interest from affiliated clubs in New South Wales to act as Licensees to run New South Wales State Championships.
Expressions of interest are sought for the following events:

Daytime Pairs Daytime Teams
Men's Pairs Men's Teams
Novice (<100 MP) Pairs Novice (<100 MP) Teams (Illawarra Bridge Association)
Restricted (<300 MP) Pairs Restricted (<300 MP) Teams (Illawarra Bridge Association)
Seniors' Pairs (Central Coast Leagues Club BC) Seniors' Teams (Central Coast Leagues Club BC)
Women's Pairs Women's Teams
Veterans' Pairs Veterans' Teams
Youth Pairs (NSWBA) Youth Teams (NSWBA)

Expressions of Interest should be sent on the application form to NSWBA Secretary, Agnes Levine, at .
Please also indicate any alternative events you may host instead, and details of any potential sponsorship arrangements.

Expression of Interest Application Form


* Licensees may apply to host between one and four Championships.

* Applications will be considered from single clubs, or from groups of clubs. In the case of groups of clubs, the Championship can be held in different locations in different years. If this is the case, the application should specify in which year(s) the event will be held in each location.

* The application should include proposed dates for the Championships; the NSWBA and/or the NSWBA Congress Coordinator may propose alternative dates to the applicants.

* Priority will be given to clubs/regions that hold qualifying events for existing State Championships (Open Pairs, Country Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Country Mixed Pairs, State Teams, Country Teams).

* Other factors taken into account will be reasonable proximity to population centres and (for 2018 onwards) the extent to which the Licensee has held previous State Championships.

* The NSWBA is not required to license all of the abovementioned Championships, even if Expressions of Interest have been received.



* The Licensee agrees to run the Championship once per year for a period of three consecutive years, starting in 2015. The NSWBA, at its absolute discretion, may agree to break the agreement in exceptional circumstances.

* A Licensee that runs a Championship in 2015-2017 is not required to apply to run it from 2018 onwards, and if it does so apply, the NSWBA is not required to renew the agreement.

* The Championship must be run in a manner conducive to the enjoyment of the players, and provide sufficient staff and services for the conduct of the Championship.

* For each Championship the NSWBA will provide a free advertisement in its bulletin, listing and online entry facilities on its website, and prize certificates for winners and runners up.

* Before publishing its brochure/flyer for the event the Licensee must provide a draft copy to the NSWBA for approval a minimum of 3 months before the proposed starting date of the event.

* If the NSWBA advises the Licensee that, in its reasonable opinion, the Licensee has failed to carry out any aspect of the tournament organisation successfully, the Licensee will undertake to rectify it. If there is a second breach, the NSWBA may, in its absolute discretion, revoke the licence.


* Masterpoints will be issued at Level B (state championship, weighting 5.0), with a restriction and/or master factor, as appropriate.

* The Licensee is responsible for all masterpoint charges.


* All proceeds and profits will be the property of the Licensee.

* A licence fee is payable to NSWBA at $1 per player per session.

* The Licensee may charge a non-members rate for players who are not members of the club(s) associated with the Licensee. However, as per the NSWBA's Youth Policy, youth players (i.e., those eligible to join the ABF Youth Club) will pay half price.

Tournament organisation

* The event will be conducted under NSWBA's tournament regulations. Supplementary regulations, if required, will be provided by NSWBA.

* The Tournament Director must be Level B or higher, and must be a non-playing director. In non-metropolitan areas, the NSWBA may, on application, raise a C1 grade Director to Level B on a temporary basis.

* Note that it is expected that championships run in non-metropolitan zones will be conducted on weekends to enable maximum participation. Such events will be included on the NSWBA calendar and the dates must be approved by the NSWBA Congress Coordinator.

* The tournament must be open to all registered ABF players.

* The number of boards and sessions played must meet the minimum requirements for a State Championship (at least 24 boards per session, and 3-6 sessions overall).

* Hands are to be randomly generated, the process for which must be approved by NSWBA.

* Players must be provided with hand records that include makeable contracts on each hand.