Go New South Wales!

The other two State Teams for the Seniors and the Youth divisions are selected, congratulaitons to all of them and we wish them good luck in the Australian National Championships in Brisbane this July:
  • Seniors: Dennis Zines, Tina Zines, Martin Bloom, Nigel Rosendorff, Nicky Strasser and George Bilski
  • Youth: Matt Smith, Ailsa Peacock, Alex Phillips, Lakshmi Sunderasan, Charles McMahon and John McMahon
After four Monday nights, Elizabeth Adams - Andrew Peake won in the Open division of ANC Butler Pairs and Judy Mott - Rita Nailand took the title in the Women's division. Well done! The next Monday night event will be the GNOT Direct Qualifying over 5 weeks from 6th June to 25th July. In between the State Open Pairs Qualifying will be over 2 Monday nights on 27th June and 4th July. There is also more than competitive bridge on Monday nights, we have invited special guests to provide expert talk before play from time to time, keep an eye on our Facebook announcement and follow the Monday Night Expert Talks here.

The State Mixed Pairs Championship was a great weekend on 21st - 22nd May. More than 120 players from city and country made use of this opportunity to catch up, and to have a friendly yet competitive game. Congratulations to Judy Osie and Steven Bock who won the State Mixed Pairs Championship, Sally and Garry Clarke who took the title of the Country Mixed Pairs while Margaret Klassen and Bijan Assaee did well in the Autumn Swiss Pairs.

Not only for the state, it was a busy month in May for our local clubs too. Let us show you around with their feature reports:

The State Novice & Restricted Pairs hosted by the Southern Highlands Bridge Club
– The winners were announced in the previous issue, sure you would like to know more interesting stories behind the scene.

Bathurst & District Bridge Club Congress

– It was Board 13 which brings an unbelieveable big hand!

Coffs Harbour Bridge Club Teams
– The next Coffs Harbour congress in August is all booked out (!), let us get a hint of the "Coffs experience" from the insiders' stories.

Strathfield Bridge Club Teams

You can't be more excited to have a congress offering slams from beginning to the end!
Congratulations to our NSW Seniors and Youth Team! (Left) Seniors ITS Winners: Dennis Zines, Tina Zines, Nigel Rosendorff, Nicky Strasser, George Bilski and Martin Bloom (Right) Youth ITS Winners: John and Charles McMahon, Matt Smith and Ailsa Peacock, Lakshmi Sunderasan and Alex Phillips.
Applause to the winners of the Bathurst Congress – (Left) 1st Pairs Tim Stewart, Rod Dunn with Director Ed Barnes, Tournament Convenor Karin Le-Roux and President Teresa Martin. (Right) 1st Teams David Priol, Tammy & Alan Schwarz and Peter Lameks.
Well done were the winners in Maitland Teams and Leeton Congress – (Left) Hope Tomlinson, Barry Foster, David Snow and Martin Johnson won the Maitland Teams. (Right) Phillip Williams and Kevin Douglas took the title of the Leeton Swiss Pairs.
Hearty smiles from the winners in the Coffs Harbour Bridge Club Swiss Teams: (Left) Winners of the Open Section: David Weston, Julian Foster, Sharon & Greg Mayo with the Coffs Harbour Bridge Club President, Phil Mason. (Right) Winners of the Restricted Section: Deborah Carmichael, Kath Hilder, Frank Sommerton & Susanne Hollis.
Two teams scored the same in the Intermediate Section in Coffs Harbour Congress: Team Herring (Colin Tolley, Mike Siford, Chris Birch, Barbara Herring) shared the honour with Team Griffiths (Robyn Griffiths, Margaret Dunlop, Nancy de Ville and Cameron Kirton).
Winners of the State Mixed Pairs – (Left) Overall winners: Judie Osie and Steven Bock (Right) Country winners: Garry and Sally Clarke
Upcoming Events
Events highlights from 4th June to 10th July. Click HERE to view congresses in the full year.

Congresses In NSW Local Clubs
Jun 5 (Sun) Ballina Bridge Club 

Event Details > 

Jun 5 (Sun) NSWBA Teams of Three

Booked out >

Jun 11 – 12 (Sat – Sun) Nambucca Valley Bridge Club
Swiss Pairs and Teams

Event Details > 

Jun 18 – 19 (Sat – Sun) Illawarra Bridge Association Chris Diment Memorial Congress
Pairs and Teams

Event Details > 

Jun 18 – 19 (Sat – Sun) Newcastle Bridge Club
Swiss Pairs and Teams

Event Details > 

Jun 19 (Sun) Wollstonecraft Bridge Club

Event Details > 

Jun 24 – 26 (Fri – Sun) North Shore Super Congress
Mr Solace Swiss Teams, Watermark Swiss Pairs and Two Men & A Truck Swiss Teams

Event Details > 

Jun 26 (Sun) NSBC@Lindfield
Restricted & Novice Swiss Teams
Event Details >

Jul 10 (Sun) Kings and Queens Sydney Winter Congress
Swiss Pairs

Event Details > 

Jul 10 (Sun) Trumps Bridge Centre Sydney North Inter-Club Challenge

Event Details > 

NSWBA Events
Jun 6 – Jul 25 (5 Mondays) NSWBA GNOT Direct Qualifier
Event Details > 

Jun 27 – Jul 4 (2 Mondays) NSWBA State Open Pairs Qualifying
Event Details > 

National (ABF) Events
Jun 9 – 13 (Thu – Mon) VBA Victor Champion Cup
Event Details > 

Jun 25 – Jul 7 (Sat – Thu) QBA Australian National Championships
Event Details > 

Featured Articles
Cold slam contracts throughout the whole congress at Strathfield. Interestingly not all of them were easily bid or made. Let Rakesh Kumar share with you his exciting day in Strathfield "Slams from first to last".
Read the full article >

A very practical article from Matthew McManus to show you how to correct mistaken entries with Bridgemates in pictures step by step.
Learn how to Correct Bridgemates Errors >

Letters to Editor
Which way do you prefer in bidding – bidding pads? bidding boxes? Miriam Officer voiced out her opinion as a player after her participation in recent congresses.
Read the full article >

Congress Player of the Year
Your Association is pleased to acknowledge this 2016 Award. There will be four categories.

• Open
• Intermediate < 750 MPs
• Restricted < 300 MPs
• Novice < 100 MPs

Click HERE for our current "interim" list, as at 30th April 2016.

This award is based on masterpoints earned at NSW Congresses held under the auspices of NSWBA during the year.

So how are masterpoints updated? Why haven't they been processed yet? Julian Foster, the Chairman of NSWBA, answers players' common question "Why haven't I got my masterpoints yet?"
Read the full article >

Congress Psyche Register
The NSWBA has decided to establish a central psyche register for all congresses held in NSW.

The laws permit players to deviate from their systemic agreements so long as the partner of the player who does so has no greater reason to be aware of this deviation than the opponents. Once your partnership has a history of deviating from its agreements in a certain situation you are required to inform your opponents of this tendency.

If you feel that your opponents have psyched against you, please email details of the hand to the psyche register – no action will be taken against players who are reported to the psyche register but once a pair has multiple entries in the psyche register, congress directors will be informed so that they are aware of this history when making their rulings.

A form which can be used for submissions is available HERE.

About the eCongress
The eCongress is a monthly newsletter published by the NSW Bridge Association. It updates you with the latest congresses in the month, interesting hands and analysis from events, and tips regarding the bridge laws.
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