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2018 Grand National Open Teams (GNOT) - Sydney Metropolitan Region

The NSWBA will send 22 teams to the GNOT National Final with 7 of those teams from the Sydney Metropolitan region (2 directly from the NSWBA qualifying event, 1 directly from the NSBC qualifying event and 4 from the Sydney Metropolitan final).

The teams to represent Sydney will be:

1. Peter Buchen, Terry Brown, Ron Klinger, Matt Mullamphy, Kim Morrison, Matthew Thomson (=1st Metrop Final)
2. Bruce Neill, Avi Kanetkar, John Newman, Nye Griffiths, Pauline Gumby(+), Warren Lazer(+) (1st NSWBA DQE)
3. Andre Korenhof, David Beauchamp, Mike Hughes, Peter Fordham, Maurits van der Vlugt, Carola Hoogervorst (1st NSBC DQE)
4. Robert Krochmalik, Daniel Krochmalik, Robert Grynberg, David Stern, Tom Moss, Michael Wilkinson(+ ) (2nd NSWBA DQE)
5. David Weston, Julian Foster, Martin Bloom, Tony Nunn (3rd Metrop Final)
6. Nicholas Ranson, John McMahon, Lavy Libman, Tomer Libman (=1st Metrop Final)
7. William Zhang, Yumin Li, Wayne Zhu, Yixiang Zhang, Paul Dalley (4th Metrop Final)

Sydney Metropolitan Qualifying

For Clubs

All Sydney Metropolitan clubs are invited to hold qualifying events to determine representative teams that will compete in a Metropolitan Final at the NSWBA on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September.

Sydney Metropolitan Direct Qualifiers

The NSWBA and the North Shore Bridge Club will each hold an event to qualify two and one teams respectively directly to the GNOT National Final.

NSWBA GNOT Direct Qualifier Starts March 19

NSBC GNOT Qualifier Starts April 26

NSWBA Direct Qualifier Results
Avi Kanetkar, Bruce Neill, Nye Griffths, Johnno Newman
Robert Krochmalik, Daniel Krochmalik, David Stern, Tom Moss, Robert Grynberg

NSBC Direct Qualifier Results
David Beauchamp, Carola Hoogervorst, Mike Hughes, Peter Fordham, Maurits van der Vlugt, Andre Korenhof

Sydney Metropolitan Final
NSWBA September 15-16

A knock-out teams event (28 board matches) with Swiss repechage (14 board matches). Two teams from the knockout section and two teams from the Swiss repechage qualify to the National Final, held from 30 November - 3 December.

Players who have failed to qualify via a club qualifying event may form teams and enter the Metropolitan Final directly via the NSWBA. All members of such teams must have participated in a DQE or a club qualifying event and the entry must specify the club(s) at which the members played. Augmentation of such teams at the completion of the Metropolitan Final is not permitted – the team that enters is the team that qualifies to the National Final.

Sydney Metropolitan Final Results

2018 GNOT Sydney Metropolitan Final Teams List

All enquiries to the organiser:
Michael Wilkinson

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