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NSW Online Pairs League - Summer 23 - 2023

Organiser: Alan Bustany
Phone: 0411 264 305
Club Website:
Director:Alan Bustany

Thursday January 12, 2023 7:30 PM - Thursday March 2, 2023

Thursday January 12 19:30 Week 1
Thursday January 19 19:30 Week 2
Thursday January 26 19:30 Week 3
Thursday February 2 19:30 Week 4
Thursday February 9 19:30 Week 5
Thursday February 16 19:30 Week 6
Thursday February 23 19:30 Week 7
Thursday March 2 19:30 Week 8

This event will be played on RealBridge. Players unfamiliar with RealBridge should consult the RealBridge Player Guide and Camera and Mic Test. Initial seating and the link to the RealBridge session will be posted on this page when available.

RealBridge links, Seating and ResultsMy ABF

The Summer Season of the Online Pairs League: you and your partner play one 12-board match per week against pairs of similar ability across the State. Matches start at 7:30pm and finish well before 9pm, leaving time to chat with opponents and to review bidding/play with partner, perhaps over your favourite beverage.

Smaller Clubs can use this competition as a way of offering evening online Bridge to their members without having to organise anything themselves. Not only that, but the Association returns $10/player to the NSW registered Home Clubs of participants, so playing in this competition will actually be supporting your own Club.

The League is organised into Divisions to ensure you are playing people of similar rank. The Association is keen to encourage participation from less-experienced players, so it is half-price entry if you have fewer than 100 masterpoints. The social interaction on RealBridge meeting new people of similar ability from across the State is also an important factor.

The Season is played over eight consecutive weeks. You will play every pair in your Division sitting in the opposite direction leading to two winners in each Division: one North-South and one East-West. RED masterpoints for every win (or draw), and outright masterpoints for the top three in each direction.

You DON'T need to play every week. You can find any reasonable substitute for yourself for up to three matches. So no need to worry about prior commitments, emergencies, or being too tired after a long day of F2F Bridge – just find someone who will fill in for you in that match.

You DO need to be registered on MyABF, as does your partner. You then sign up for the League for only 80 Credits or $40 each (or half that if you have less than 100 masterpoints at time of registration). There is an early-bird discount if you register by the Thursday before Christmas.

If you are unfamiliar with RealBridge, want to check your audio or video, or have any questions about the competition you are welcome to attend a Q&A session on Thursday January 5th at 7:30pm (the week before the Competition starts). Link to Q&A session: TasteOPL

Cost: $40 per player, or $20 per player if <100 Masterpoints. Early Bird by Thursday before Xmas.

Any issues with entries should be directed to the organiser 0411 264 305

Substitutions in a multi-session event should comply with the substitution rules of the organising club or those specific to the event.