Inside the Expert's Mind

Young Victorian expert Pete Hollands is playing bridge and explaining his thought process as he goes live on the internet every week (except when he's away at national or international tournament).

Watch for free on Twitch

The twitch address is

If you have a Twitch account (free to set up) you can even chat with Pete or ask him questions mid-play. If you have any questions come up about why you do something or if there was something he didn’t cover you can get the answer straight away.

Session times (all free - AEST (Melbourne) time)

  • Monday 2pm - 4pm
  • Monday 4pm - 5pm (beginners)
  • Monday 8pm - 10 pm
  • Tuesday 3pm - 4pm (advanced)
  • Tuesday 4pm - 6pm
  • Thursday 11am - 12pm (lesson on a selected topic)
  • Thursday 1pm - 3pm (beginners)
  • Saturday 11am -1pm (occasional)

Pete's web site, Bridge Vid, has more content such as weekly newsletter, teaching notes, past online commentated play sessions, past featured lessons and extra lessons such as “Where are the cards?” 

Check out an example video here

The Bridge Vid address is

If you need help using twitch we have created a helpful guide on getting the most out of your twitch experience here