Bridge NSW
Consultation on proposed Governance Arrangements,
Constitution and By-Laws

On behalf of the NSWBA Council and the BNSW Proxy Board, we are delighted to advise that at its Annual General Meeting held on 28 February, the members of the NSWBA voted to approve the Separation Proposal to separate the peak body functions of the NSWBA from its bridge club operations.

This is a major milestone on the route to separation.

We need your input!

Whilst separation is now approved, we need your input on the proposed Constitution to be adopted by BNSW and its initial By-Laws. Below is a link to a summary of the proposed governance arrangements and the draft Constitution and Initial By-Laws of BNSW. Before these documents are finalised, we want to hear from you, the NSW Bridge Community on these vital documents.

» BNSW Draft Constitution and By-Laws

Comments can be provided by individual players or on behalf of clubs. We encourage you to review the documents and either make a personal submission or make a submission on behalf of your club.

Please review these documents and provide comments by 31 March at the latest. Comments should be made using the following survey:

Provide Feedback

We look forward to hearing your views.


Mary Anne Loveridge
Glenda Parmenter
BNSW Proxy Board

29 February 2024