NSWBA Transition

What’s New - Purpose & Objectives

In our last update we introduced you to the newly established volunteer groups that the Council has tasked with shaping a successful future for our bridge community – the Transition Committee and two Proxy Boards: one for Club and one for State. These teams are progressing with their work, and it’s pleasing to see that everyone is committed to working with integrity in a way that is amicable, fair and transparent.

For this update, we invited Mary Anne Loveridge, Acting Chair of the Club Proxy Board and Glenda Parmenter, Chair of the State Proxy Board to share the purpose and objectives as defined by the groups they lead.

Mary Anne Loveridge – Acting Chair of the Club Proxy Board

The Club Proxy Board is deeply grateful to John Scudder and many others who have given their time and expertise to build the club up to what it is today, and have provided us with the foundation to continue to grow the club into the future.

The transition presents us with the opportunity to reimagine the future of our club. We aim to be the premier Sydney city bridge club, a club where members feel that they belong and visitors feel truly welcome. We want the club to be a great place to come and learn how to play bridge and to develop your bridge skills, with pathways to representative play. Of course we also want it to be a place to meet friends and make new ones, and to have a great time. We look forward to working with Glenda and her team for the benefit of the NSW bridge community.

I am excited to share our purpose and objectives that the Club Proxy Board has developed and approved.


Be a thriving bridge club providing social, educational and competitive bridge playing opportunities. 


  • Facilitate an inclusive, accessible and friendly bridge club and community
  • Provide opportunities for participation in bridge playing at all skills levels
  • Foster the development of bridge playing skills
  • Work to ensure the overall success and sustainability of the club


Glenda Parmenter - Chair of the State Proxy Board

The State Proxy Board would like to thank John Scudder and the Council for their support as we work through a truly transformational process to develop and promote bridge, and to raise the profile of the game across NSW.

We seek to foster inclusiveness by supporting players of all ages and playing abilities throughout the state. We will support bridge clubs to build their capabilities, strengthen the connection with and between clubs, and develop a stronger sense of bridge community.

We look forward to revitalising and developing a range of enjoyable events, including state and national competitions. We will also collaborate with the ABF to promote the development of bridge and embrace a new future in which bridge is a premier mind sport.

I too am excited to share the purpose and objectives that the State Proxy Board has developed and approved.


Foster a vibrant and inclusive bridge playing community across NSW through leadership, advocacy and support.


  • Advance the playing and enjoyment of bridge
  • Drive the development of bridge skills
  • Support bridge clubs to be successful

We look forward to sharing more information as it becomes available.

Thank you for your continued help and support.

Kind regards,

Jake Andrew
NSWBA Transition Program Manager