ABF Marketing Special Grants 2015

You may have seen that the ABF has just announced another Special grants program for 2015 with an initial fund of $20,000.

There are a few differences to last year that should be noted:
a) All grant applications are to be channeled through State/Territory associations, they are not to be sent direct from clubs to the ABF.
b) Priority will be given to initiatives that target Restricted level players.

There is already information on the ABF website including guidelines for applications which can be found here:

The NSWBA will be collating applications and checking to see they are presented in the required format. We are not involved in making any decision about whether applications will be successful or not. Any valid application received will be forwarded to the ABF. The final deadline for submission to the ABF is 10th October 2014. Consequently clubs are being asked to get applications to the NSWBA by 30 September 2014 to allow time for checking and corrections, if required.