NSWBA Insight

NSWBA Insight is a publication for all those involved in the administration of bridge clubs across the state.

Issue 06 Sep 2020
  • Are you (thinking about) re-opening? Read the recommendations of the NSWBA State Committee
  • A brief summary of recent developments with respect to playing online bridge
  • How you can help your learners improve their bridge during the COVID shutdown
Issue 05 Oct 2018-Mar 2019
  • What are the differences between the State Affiliation Fee and the National Capitation Fee?
  • There are a few NSWBA changes recently on Director’s Exam and Congress License Fee.
  • We’re going to reinstate the Regional Representatives Meeting
Issue 04 Aug 2017-Sep 2018
  • NEW Congress Conditions and Regulations were put in place earlier this year.
  • How are fees calculated? What is the invoicing procedure?
  • Replacing the Annual Regional Representatives Meeting, the first Outreach Meeting was held in April at the Central Coast
Issue 03 Apr-Jul 2017
  • Record-breaking news from the NSWBA
  • Making inter-club teams competitions work
  • Introducing the new Laws of Bridge
Issue 02 Dec-Mar 2017
  • News from the NSWBA and some tips about the website
  • Updates about the GNOT and various State Pairs events
  • New opportunities to organise workshops for directors
Issue 01 Jun-Nov 2016
  • News from the NSWBA and affiliated clubs
  • Report on the Marketing Workshop jointly organised by the ABF and the NSWBA. Invite Sandra Mulcahy to host one in your region!
  • No idea is too small – it’s all in the implementation. Share one and try one