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The NSWBA has an extensive range of books that may be borrowed by members free of charge. The complete catalogue of books and magazines is below.

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NameTitleTotal Copies
Ackerley, ChrisThe Bridging of Troy. Tales from the Trojan Tournament1
Adler, BillBridge Players Write the Funniest Letters to Charles H. Goren1
Amsbury, JoeBridge Conventions: Doubles in Competition1
Andersen, RonThe Lebensohl Convention Complete in Contract Bridge2
Anderson, Ron & Zenkel, SabinePre-empts1
AnonymousA Guide to Bridge1
AnonymousAppeals Committee: Volume One1
AnonymousBridge Secrets of a Winner1
AnonymousChallenge The Champs: Book II1
AnonymousChallenge The Champs: Book III1
AnonymousChallenge The Champs: Book IV1
AnonymousHow Would You Rule?2
AnonymousThe Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge 19632
AnonymousThe Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge 19752
AnonymousThe Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge 19873
Axelson & DamMatchpoint Tricks1
Baker, BobbyThe swiss convention1
Baron, Randy & Woolsey, KitClobber Their Artificial Club1
Barrow, RhodaAcol-ites Quiz4
Belladonna, Giorgio & Avarelli, WalterThe Roman Club System of Distributional Bidding1
Belladonna, Giorgio & Garozzo, BenitoPrecision and Super-Precision Bidding1
Bergen, MartyBetter Bidding with Bergen: Volume One - Uncontested Auctions2
Bergen, MartyBetter Bidding with Bergen: Volume Two - Competitive Bidding, Fit Bids, & More3
Bergen, MartyEveryone's Guide to the NEW Convention Card1
Bergen, MartyPoints Schmoints! Bergen's Winning Bridge Secrets1
Beynon, George W.Bridge Director's Manual for Duplicate Games1
Bird & BourkeEndplays and Coups1
Bird & ForresterSecrets of Expert Card Play1
Bird, DAnother 52 Great Bridge Tips1
Bird, DBridge Endplays for Everyone1
Bird, DSomehow we landed in Six Notrumps1
Bird, D & Bourke, TReading the Cards1
Bird, David & Helgemo, GeirBridge with imagination1
Blackwood, EasleyBlackwood on Bidding: Dynamic Point Count1
Blackwood, EasleyBlackwood on Slams1
Boekhorst, AndreThe 2nd Bols Book of Bridge Tips1
Borel, Emile & Cheron, AndreThe Mathematical Theory of Bridge1
Borin, Jim & Borin, NormaOur Precision Style3
Bourke, TMaastricht Challenge1
Bourke, T & Smith, MCountdown to Winning Bridge1
Brashler, TedSweep Q-Bids and Other Treatments2
Brock & BrockGreat Hands1
Brogeland, Boye & David BirdBridge at the Edge1
Brown, JohnBridge with Dora1
Browne, D.Benjamin Twos1
Cappelletti, Mike & Lewis, EdCappalletti Over One-Of-A-Major Doubled (C/1MX)2
Cappelletti, Mike & Lewis, EdCappelletti Over No Trump1
Cayley, FrankBridge Play Made Easy2
Cayley, FrankContract Bridge-bidding2
Chua, CathyHistory of Australian Bridge2
Cioffi, RaphaelBridge Endings1
ClayTales From the Bridge Table1
Coffin, GeorgeBridge Summary Complete2
Coffin, GeorgeEndplays in Bridge: Elimanations, Squeezes and Coups1
Coffin, George S.Acol & The New Point Count1
Coffin, George S.Bridge on Deck1
Coffin, George S.Bridge Perfect Plays and Match Point Ways1
Coffin, George S.Bridge Play From A to Z2
Coffin, George S.Sure Tricks1
Cohen, Ben & Barrow, RhodaCalling A Spade A Spade3
Cohen, Ben & Barrow, RhodaConventions Made Clear1
Cohen, Ben & Lederer, RhodaAll About Acol2
Cohen, Ben & Lederer, RhodaBasic Acol7
Cohen, Ben & Lederer, RhodaThe A.B.C. of Contract Bridge1
Cohen, Ben & Lederer, RhodaYour Lead, Partner4
Cohen, Ben & Reese, TerenceThe Acol System of Contract Bridge1
Cohen, LarryFollowing the LAW: The Total Tricks Sequel1
Cohen, LarryTo Bid or Not to Bid: The LAW of Total Tricks2
Cohen, Lawrence & et alBreakthrough in Bridge1
Cohen, Ruth M.The Elements of Play1
Cohn, Judy & Fink, JerryPower Defensive Carding2
Cohn, Judy A. & Fink, Jerry A.Power Defensive Carding: New Concepts in Defense2
Cole, E. R. & Edwards, JamesGrand Slam: Thirteen Great Bridge Stories2
Cook, Dorothy JaneLearn To Play Winning Bridge1
Corn Jr., IraPlay Bridge with The Aces2
Cotter, E. P. C.The Financial Times Book of Bridge1
Cotter, Pat & Rimington, DerekBridge Quiz From a New Angle3
Cotter, Pat & Rimington, DerekThe Country Life Book of Bridge Play Technique1
Crawford, John R.Crawford's Contract Bridge1
Crawford, RichardMen, Women, & Bridge1
Cromelin, Paul L.Bridge Is Beautiful3
Crowhurst, EricAcol in Competition2
Crowhurst, EricPrecision Bidding in Acol4
Culbertson, ElyBidding and Play in Duplicate Contract Bridge3
Culbertson, ElyContract Bridge Complete1
Culbertson, ElyContract Bridge Complete: The Gold Book of Bidding and Play1
Culbertson, ElyContract Bridge Complete: The New Gold Book of Bidding and Play2
Culbertson, ElyContract Bridge Self-Teacher1
Culbertson, ElyCulbertson Point-Count Bidding3
Culbertson, ElyThe Culbertson-Webster Contract System1
Culbertson, ElyThe Official Book of Contract Bridge1
Culbertson, JosephineContract Bridge Made Easy1
Daniels, DGolden Age of Contract Bridge1
Darvas, R & De Hart, VRight Through the Pack1
Darwen, HughBridge Magic1
Dewhurst, J. VictorThe Two-Club System1
Dick, RBetter Bidding for Improving Players1
Donnelly, John L.Happiness Is A Squeeze!1
Dormer, ADormer on Deduction1
Dormer, AlbertPowerhouse Hands1
Dormer, AlbertThe New Complete Book of Bridge1
Downey, N & Pomer, EStandard Bidding with SAYC1
Drabble, Jon R.Simply ONE TWO3
Dufresne, Mary Ann & Marion EllingsenBridge with Bells & Whistles1
Duke, J. DanAdvanced Basic Bidding1
Duke, J. DanCompetitive Bidding1
Duke, J. DanModern Popular Conventions1
Dunne, J. Patrick & Ostrow, Albert A.Championship Bridge as played by the experts1
Dutton, NigelMoscito - 2000: The Real Millenium Bug: With Symmetric Relay2
Ehlermann, CarlCornerstones of Auction Bridge1
Emery, SueNo Passing Fancy: Fifty Years of Contract Bridge1
Ewen, RobertPreemptive Bidding1
Ewen, Robert B.Contract Bridge: How to improve your technique1
Ewen, Robert B.DOUBLES For Takeout, Penalties and Profit in Contract Bridge2
Ewen, Robert B.Opening Leads2
Ewen, Robert B.The Teenager's Guide to Bridge1
Falk, AllanSpingold Challenge1
Farrington, F.Duplicate Bridge Movements1
Feldheim, HaroldFive Card Major Bidding in Contract Bridge3
Feldheim, HaroldNegative and Responsive Doubles in Bridge2
Feldheim, HaroldTactical Bidding or How to Wreak Havoc in the Auction for Fun and Ptofit!1
Feldheim, HaroldThe Weak Two Bid in Bridge4
Feldheim, HaroldWinning Swiss Team Tactics in Bridge2
Flannery, BillThe Flannery 2 Diamond Opening1
Flint, JThe Winning Edge1
Flint, JeremyBridge with The Times1
Flint, JeremyHow to Play Bridge2
Flint, JeremyTiger Bridge1
Flint, Jeremy & Greenwood, DavidInstructions for the Defence3
Flint, Jeremy & Gullick, JohnThe First Bridge Book2
Flint, Jeremy & North, FreddieBridge in the Looking Glass2
Flint, Jeremy & North, FreddieBridge The Golden Principles1
Flint, Jeremy & North, FreddieMatch Your Skill Against The Masters1
Flint, Jeremy & Rimington, DerekGrand Slam1
Forquet, PietroBridge with the Blue Team4
Fox, G. C. H.Duplicate Bridge1
Fox, G. C. H.Master Play The Best of National Bridge1
Fox, G. C. H.Modern Bidding Systems in Bridge2
Fox, G. C. H.The Daily Telegraph Book of Bridge2
Fox, G. C. H.The Daily Telegraph Bridge Quiz2
Francis & TruscottBridge Encycopaedia1
Francis, H & Senior, BThe All Time Best Deals of the Bermuda Bowl1
Francis, HenryThe Official Encyclopedia of Bridge: Newly Revised, Fifth Edition1
Francis, Henry G.The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge: Newly Revised, Fourth Edition1
Fransz, AlexMedium Club Relay (Updated Version)1
Fransz, Alex & Klinger, RonMedium Club Relay1
Frey, Richard L.Bridge for Women1
Frey, Richard L.Easy Guide to Duplicate Bridge1
Frey, Richard L.How to Win at Contract Bridge in 10 Easy Lessons2
Frey, Richard L.Morehead on Bidding1
Frey, Richard L.The Bridge Players' Encyclopedia3
Frey, Richard L.The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge: New, Revised and Expanded Edition2
Frey, Richard L.The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge: Third Edition, New, Revised, and Expanded3
Gardner, NicolaMaster Bridge1
Garozza, Benito & Forquet, PietroThe Italian Blue Team Bridge Book1
Garozza, Benito & Yallouze, LeonThe Blue Club4
Gerber, JohnThe Gerber 4 club slam convention1
Gitelman, FMaster Class1
Gold, DonIntermediate two bids in bridge1
Goldman, BobbyAces Scientific2
Goldman, BobbyWinners and Losers at the bridge table2
Gooden, GeorgeContract bridge lesson course1
Goren, Charles100 challenging bridge hands2
Goren, CharlesAn entirely new bridge summary3
Goren, CharlesBetter bridge for better players3
Goren, CharlesChampionship bridge1
Goren, CharlesContact bridge made easy1
Goren, CharlesContract bridge for beginners2
Goren, CharlesDoubles For penalty? For takeout?1
Goren, CharlesDoubling to win at contract bridge3
Goren, CharlesDuplicate bridge tips1
Goren, CharlesGoren on play and defence3
Goren, CharlesGoren settles the bridge argument4
Goren, CharlesGoren's bridge complete5
Goren, CharlesGoren's bridge quizzes2
Goren, CharlesGoren's point count system made easy1
Goren, CharlesGoren's store bridge bog1
Goren, CharlesHandbook of most widely used bridge conventions1
Goren, CharlesIntroduction to bridge1
Goren, CharlesNew bridge complete4
Goren, CharlesNew contract bridge in a nutshell1
Goren, CharlesPlay winning bridge with any partner, even a stranger2
Goren, CharlesPoint count bidding in contract bridge4
Goren, CharlesThe fundamentals of contract bridge1
Goren, CharlesThe Italian bridge system1
Goren, CharlesThe precision system of bidding4
Goren, CharlesThe precision system of Contract bridge bidding4
Goren, CharlesThe standard book of bidding1
Goren, Charles & Olsen, JackBridge is my game8
Goren, Charles & Wei, CCPrecision Bidding for everyone1
Granovetter, MatthewBridge additions 19961
Granovetter, MatthewI Shot my bridge partner1
Granovetter, Matthew & Granovetter, PamelaA switch in time1
Granovetter, Matthew & Granovetter, PamelaConventions in Depth1
Granovetter, Matthew & Granovetter, PamelaHow to play bridge with your spouse1
Grant, AudreyBetter bridge series - basics1
Grant, AudreyBetter bridge series - bidding1
Grant, AudreyBetter bridge series - defence1
Grant, AudreyBetter bridge series - play1
Grant, Audrey & Rodwell, EricBridge Maxims - Secrets of Better Play1
Greenberg, Julie T.Duplicate Decisions1
Greenwood, DavidThe Pairs Game1
Griffiths, JNRThe golden years of bridge2
Groner, AlexDuplicate bridge direction2
Hamman, RAt the Table1
Hanna, William & Steen, DouglasPrecision power bidding1
Hardy, MaxCompetitive bidding with two suited hands2
Hardy, MaxFive card majors western style4
Hardy, MaxForcing no trump responses1
Hardy, MaxFourth suit forcing1
Hardy, MaxNew minor1
Hardy, MaxNew minor forcing after 1NT rebid1
Hardy, MaxNew minor. Fourth suit forcing no trump responses1
Hardy, MaxSplinters and other shortness bids1
Hardy, MaxTwo over one game force2
Harrison-Gray, MCountry life book of bridge2
Hartley, JGTeach yourself contract bridge1
Havas, GeorgeThe Australian book of bridge6
Haydn, DorothyBid better play better3
Haydn-Truscott, DorothyWinning declarer play4
Hoffman & SmithOver Hoffman's Shoulder1
Hoffman, MartinDefence in depth1
Hoffman, MartinHoffman on pairs play2
Hoffman, MartinMore tales of Hoffman1
Horn, ACContract bridge - Limited opening bids1
Horton, MarkMisplay these hands with Me1
Horton, SallyBridge conventions - responses to 2NT1
Horton, SallyDouble Trouble1
Howard, DennisThe Cummings Collection2
Howard, DennisThe New South Wales System 19642
Howard, DennisThe New South Wales System 19706
HoyleHoyle's Official Rules of Card Games1
Hughes, RBuilding a Bidding System1
Izdebski, W, Roman Krzemien & R KlingerDeadly Defence1
Izdebski, W, Roman Krzemien & R KlingerDeadly Defence Quiz Book1
Jacoby, JamesJacoby on bridge1
Jacoby, James & Jacoby, OswaldWin at bridge with Jacoby and son1
Jannertson, EricCard reading1
Jannertson, EricCards on the table2
Jannertson, EricPrecision bridge1
Jannertson, EricThe only chance1
Jannertson, EricWith open cards2
Jannertson, Eric & Wohlin, JanPlay safe and win2
Jannertson, Eric & Wohlin, JanWinning pairs technique2
Jourdan, CatherineABC of duplicate bridge direction1
Kambites, AndrewCard Placing for You1
Kambites, AndrewDefensive skills for you2
Kantar, EdwinA new approach to play and defence1
Kantar, EdwinAdvanced bridge defence1
Kantar, EdwinBridge bidding made easy1
Kantar, EdwinBridge conventions4
Kantar, EdwinBridge humour2
Kantar, EdwinComplete defensive bridge play1
Kantar, EdwinDefensive bridge play complete3
Kantar, EdwinDefensive tips for bad card holders1
Kantar, EdwinGamesman bridge2
Kantar, EdwinHow to win at bridge3
Kantar, EdwinImproving your bidding skills2
Kantar, EdwinIntroduction to declarer's play6
Kantar, EdwinIntroduction to defender's play5
Kantar, EdwinKantar for the defence - vol 12
Kantar, EdwinRoman Key Card blackwood - the untold story1
Kantar, EdwinTake Your Tricks1
Kantar, EdwinTest your bridge play - 100 declarer play problems1
Kantar, EdwinThe forcing pass in contract bridge1
Kaplan, EdgarCompetitive bidding in modern bridge7
Kaplan, EdgarDuplicate bridge: How to play, how to win5
Kaplan, EdgarHow to play winning bridge3
Kaplan, EdgarKaplan Sheinwold updated1
Kaplan, EdgarThe Complete Italian system of winning bridge1
Kaplan, EdgarWinning contract bridge complete4
Kaplan, Edgar & Sheinwold, AlfredThe Kaplan-Sheinwold system of winning bridge1
Karpin, FredBridge strategy at trick one5
Karpin, FredHow to play slam contracts3
Karpin, FredThe art of card reading at bridge2
Karpin, FredThe drawing of trumps and its postponement2
Karpin, FredThe finesse3
Karpin, FredThe play of the cards - self quizzes at bridge2
Karpin, FredWinning play in tournament and duplicate bridge - how the experts triumph3
Kauder, JamesThe bridge philosopher7
Kay, Norman & Karpin, FredThe complete book of duplicate bridge4
Kearse, AmalyaBridge conventions complete2
Kelsey, Hugh101 bridge maxims1
Kelsey, HughAdvanced play at bridge2
Kelsey, HughBridge logic1
Kelsey, HughBridge wizardry1
Kelsey, HughBridge: The mind of the expert1
Kelsey, HughChallenge match1
Kelsey, HughCountdown to better bridge2
Kelsey, HughDouble squeezes1
Kelsey, HughHow to improve your bridge1
Kelsey, HughImprove your bridge1
Kelsey, HughImprove your partner's defence1
Kelsey, HughInstant guide to bridge1
Kelsey, HughKilling defence at bridge2
Kelsey, HughMatchpoint bridge2
Kelsey, HughMore killing defence1
Kelsey, HughSlam bidding3
Kelsey, HughStrip squeezes1
Kelsey, HughTest your card play 61
Kelsey, HughTest your card reading1
Kelsey, HughTest your communications2
Kelsey, HughTest your defensive play1
Kelsey, HughTest your elimination play2
Kelsey, HughTest your finessing1
Kelsey, HughTest your match play1
Kelsey, HughTest your pairs play1
Kelsey, HughTest your percentages2
Kelsey, HughTest your safety play2
Kelsey, HughTest your timing2
Kelsey, HughTest your trump control3
Kelsey, HughThe Needle Match2
Kelsey, HughThe Tough Game1
Kelsey, HughThe Tricky Game1
Kelsey, Hugh & Glauert, MichaelBridge odds for practical players2
Kelsey, Hugh & Matheson, JohnImprove your opening leads1
Kempson, EwartSingle dummy plays1
Kempson, EwartThe first pocket book of bridge problems1
Kempson, EwartTournament bridge for everyone2
Kimelman, NeilImprove your Bidding Judgment1
Kleinman & StraguzziThe Principle of Restricted Talent1
Klinger, Ron100 winning bridge tips1
Klinger, Ron50 winning duplicate tips1
Klinger, RonAcol bridge made easy1
Klinger, RonBasic bridge - a guide to good acol bidding and play2
Klinger, RonBid Better, Much Better1
Klinger, RonBidding to win at bridge - the modern losing trick count1
Klinger, RonBridge basics8
Klinger, RonBridge for children1
Klinger, RonBridge made easy1
Klinger, RonBridge video with Ron Klinger - opening leads 11
Klinger, RonCue to bidding slams1
Klinger, RonFive Card Major Stayman1
Klinger, RonGuide to better acol bridge1
Klinger, RonGuide to better bridge2
Klinger, RonGuide to better card play2
Klinger, RonGuide to better duplicate bridge1
Klinger, RonImprove your bridge memory2
Klinger, RonPlaying to win at bridge11
Klinger, RonThe bridge player who laughed3
Klinger, RonThe power system1
Klinger, RonWhen to Bid, When to Pass1
Klinger, RonWinning bridge - trick by trick7
Klinger, RonWorld championship pairs bridge2
Konstam, KennethContract bridge - know the game2
Landau, Eric & Baron, RandallEvery hand an adventure1
Lavinthan, HyDefence strategy in bridge1
Lawrence, MikeDONT - disturbing opponents no trump2
Lawrence, MikeDynamic defense1
Lawrence, MikeFalsecards1
Lawrence, MikeHow to play card combinations1
Lawrence, MikeHow to Read your Opponent's Cards2
Lawrence, MikeJudgment at Bridge4
Lawrence, MikeOpening leads1
Lawrence, MikePlay a swiss teams of 4 with Mike Lawrence2
Lawrence, MikePlay bridge with Mike Lawrence1
Lawrence, MikeThe compete book on balancing3
Lawrence, MikeThe compete book on overcalls2
Lawrence, MikeThe complete book on hand evaluation1
Lawrence, MikeThe complete guide to contested auctions1
Lawrence, MikeThe complete guide to passed hand bidding1
Lawrence, MikeThe Devyn press handbook of partnership understanding4
Lawrence, MikeThe lebeshohl convention1
Lawrence, MikeTopics on bridge - 1 - reverses1
Lawrence, Mike & Hanson, KeithWinning bridge intangibles1
Le Dentu, JoseBridge Analysis4
Le Dentu, JoseBridge triumphs and disasters1
Le Dentu, JoseChampionship bridge3
Lederer, RhodaAcol-ites Quiz3
Lederer, RhodaCurrent conventions made clear1
Lederer, Rhoda & Grifiths, DavidFits and misfits1
Lederer, Rhoda & Lederer, TonyLearn bridge with the lederers4
Lennon, JacobChampionship defensive bidding1
Lindelof, E.TThe computer designed bidding system Cobra2
Lindkvist, MagnusClassic & Modern Conventions1
Lindsay, Kenneth3D and the mafia club1
Lipkim, MikeInvitation to...annihilation2
Love, ClydeBridge squeezes complete or winning endplay strategy3
Lozowick, LeeZen gamesmanship - the art of bridge2
Lukacs, Paul & Rubens, JeffTest your play as declarer2
Machlin, JeromeTournament Bridge An uncensored memoir1
Macleod, IainBridge in as Easy Game3
Magee, BernardMr Bridge's Quiz and Puzzle Book1
Mahmood, ZiaAsk Zia1
Mahmood, ZiaBridge My Way1
Mahmood, Zia & Grant, AudreyBreakthrough bridge - Declarer Play for Beginners2
Mahmood, Zia & Grant, AudreyBreakthrough bridge - Defence for Beginners2
Mallon, JohnBridge Bidding4
Mallon, JohnHow to Play your Cards when You are the Declarer1
Mallon, JohnOpening Lead and Signals2
Manley, Brent (Editor)ACBL Encyclopedia of Bridge1
Markus, RixiAces and Places - the International Bridge Circuit3
Markus, RixiBest Bridge Hands2
Markus, RixiBid Boldly Play Safe3
Markus, RixiBridge Table Tales3
Markus, RixiCommonsense Bridge1
Markus, RixiMore Deadly than the Male3
Markus, RixiPlay Better Bridge1
Marston & BrightlingThe Bridge Workbook for Beginners1
Marston, PaulAll about No Trumps2
Marston, PaulIntroduction to Bridge - Acol Edition1
Marston, PaulIntroduction to Bridge - Four Card Majors3
Marston, PaulPrinciples of Card Play1
Marston, PaulThe Language of Bidding2
Marston, PaulWinning Decisions in Competitive Bidding2
Marston, Paul & Hughes, NickOpening Two Bids2
Marston, Paul & Hughes, NickWeak Twos and Strong 2C1
Masters, ColinMind Games - A Biographical History of Bridge in Queensland2
Maxwell, DouglasA Simpler Way to Better Bridge6
Mayer, EdwardMoney Bridge1
Mayer, EdwardWinning at Rubber Bridge1
McIlrath, JohnDirector is Called1
McCance IanThe Setting Trick1
McKee, JudiContract Bridge: Pastime or Lifestyle1
McKkee, JudiBridge Director's Handbook of Movements & Scoring1
McNeil, KeithMatch your Bidding against the Masters2
McNeil, Keith & Reese, TerenceBid against the Masters1
Meckstroth, J & Smith, MWin the Bermuda Bowl with me1
Michaels, Charles & Cohen, RuthThe Ideal Student Textbook1
MilesComp Bidding in the 21st C1
MilesModern Constructive Bidding1
Miles, MInferences at Bridge1
Miles, MarshallAll 52 Cards1
Miles, MarshallBridge from the Top - Book 22
Miles, MarshallCard Reading at Contract1
Miles, MarshallLogical Bridge2
Miller, RichardMore Bridge Brilliancies and Blunders2
Millingen, MyraContract Kernels1
Milnes, Eric & Lukacs, PaulBridge Hands for the Connoisseur2
Milnes, Eric & Lukacs, PaulImprove your Dummy Play1
Mollo, VictorBridge a la Carte2
Mollo, VictorBridge Course Complete1
Mollo, VictorBridge in the Fourth Dimension3
Mollo, VictorBridge in the Menagerie3
Mollo, VictorBridge Saga1
Mollo, VictorBridge: Modern Bidding3
Mollo, VictorCulbertson's Contract Bridge for Everyone1
Mollo, VictorI Challenge You1
Mollo, VictorInstant Bridge2
Mollo, VictorMasters and Monsters4
Mollo, VictorStreamline Bridge2
Mollo, VictorStreamline Your Bidding4
Mollo, VictorSuccess at Bridge2
Mollo, VictorThe Bridge Immortals1
Mollo, VictorThe Complete Bridge Player1
Mollo, VictorThe Finer Arts of Bridge2
Mollo, VictorThe Other Side of Bridge2
Mollo, VictorTomorrow's Textbook3
Mollo, VictorVictor Mollo's Winning Double1
Mollo, VictorWill you be My Partner?1
Mollo, VictorYou Need Never Lose at Bridge2
Mollo, Victor & Gardener, NicoBridge for Beginners1
Mollo, Victor & Gardener, NicoCard Play Technique1
Mollo, Victor & Jannersten, EricThe Best of Bridge1
Mollo, Victor & Nielsen, AkselDefence at Bridge1
Morehead, AlbertBridge Writer's Choice 19641
Morehead, AlbertMorehead on Bidding4
Mould, AlanStep by Step Slam Bidding1
Nicholson, JoyceWhy Women Lose at Bridge4
Nielsen, AkselBridge with the Three Musketeers1
Nielsland, Mats & Wirgren, AndresMajor Suit Raises the Skanian Way1
Noall, WilliamThe Australian 1C System1
North, FBridge: Defending Together1
North, FreddieAunt Agatha Plays Tournament Bridge2
North, FreddieBridge with Aunt Agatha1
Nunes, JackImprove your Bridge2
Oakley, PeterThe Diamond Major2
Ottlik, Geza & Kelsey, HughAdventures in Card Play1
Paul, MaryPartnership Bidding2
Payne, Dick & Amsbury, JoeBridge: TNT and Competitive Bidding1
Phillips, HubertBridge with Mr Goren1
Phillips, HubertComplete Contract Bridge1
Phillips, HubertMaking Bridge Play1
Phillips, Hubert & Reese, TerenceHow to Play Bridge2
Phillips, Hubert & Reese, TerenceThe Elements of Contract1
PigotLausanne 19791
PottagePlay or Defend?1
Pottage & SmithBridge behind Bars1
Powell, RichardTickets to the Devil3
Priest, DenisProblems in Play 12
Priest, DenisProblems in Play 22
Quinn, TerryThe great bridge conspiracy1
RebholzBridge Toasts1
Reese, TerenceAdvanced bridge1
Reese, TerenceBridge1
Reese, TerenceBridge Conventions Finesses and Coups5
Reese, TerenceBridge for Ambitious Players1
Reese, TerenceBridge Players' Dictionary1
Reese, TerenceBridge Players' Dictionary and Quick Reference Guide1
Reese, TerenceBridge Tips by World Masters1
Reese, TerenceCC Wei's Precision System1
Reese, TerenceDevelop your Bidding Judgement2
Reese, TerenceMaster Play1
Reese, TerenceMaster Play in Contract Bridge2
Reese, TerenceOmar Sharif's Life in Bridge1
Reese, TerencePlay Bridge with Reese4
Reese, TerencePlay These Hands with Me1
Reese, TerencePractical Bidding and Practical Play5
Reese, TerencePrecision Bridding and Precision Play10
Reese, TerenceThe Most Puzzling Situations in Bridge5
Reese, TerenceWhat Would You Bid?1
Reese, Terence & Bird, DavidBridge the Modern Game1
Reese, Terence & Bird, DavidHow the Experts Do It3
Reese, Terence & Bird, DavidMiracles of Card Play1
Reese, Terence & Bird, DavidUnholy Tricks3
Reese, Terence & Dormer, AlbertBridge for Tournament Players3
Reese, Terence & Dormer, AlbertBridge: The Acol System of Bidding2
Reese, Terence & Dormer, AlbertHow to Play a Good Game of Bridge3
Reese, Terence & Dormer, AlbertThe Play of the Cards1
Reese, Terence & Franklin, HaroldBest of Bridge on the Air1
Reese, Terence & Hoffman, MartinPlay It Again Sam1
Reese, Terence & Kantar, EddieDefend with your Life1
Reese, Terence & Pottage, JulianPositive Declarer's Play2
Reese, Terence & Pottage, JulianPositive Defence1
Reese, Terence & Trezel, RogerBlocking and Unblocking Plays in Bridge3
Reese, Terence & Trezel, RogerElimination Play in Bridge4
Reese, Terence & Trezel, RogerMaster the Odds in Bridge3
Reese, Terence & Trezel, RogerSafety Plays in Bridge3
Reese, Terence & Trezel, RogerSnares and Swindles in Bridge1
Reese, Terence & Trezel, RogerThe Art of Defence in Bridge4
Reese, Terence & Trezel, RogerThe Mistakes You Make at Bridge3
Reese, Terence & Trezel, RogerThose Extra Chances in Bridge1
Reese, Terence & Trezel, RogerWhen to Duck, When to Win in Bridge1
RigalStep by Step Deception in Defence1
RigalStep by Step: Deceptive Declarer Play1
Rimington, DerekLearn Bridge from the Experts1
Robson, Andrew & Segal, OliverPartnership Bidding at Bridge1
Rodwell, EricThe Rodwell Files2
Root, WilliamCommonsenes Bidding1
Root, WilliamHow to Defend a Bridge Hand1
Root, WilliamHow to Play a Bridge Hand1
Root, WilliamNew Contract Bridge Outlines on Standard Bidding1
Root, William & Pavlicek, RichardModern Bridge Conventions2
Rosencranz, GeorgeBid your Way to the Top3
Rosencranz, GeorgeEverything you always wanted to know about Trump Leads and were not afraid to ask1
Rosencranz, GeorgeWin with Romex1
Rosencranz, George & Truscott, AlanBidding on Target1
Rosencranz, George & Truscott, AlanModern Ideas in Bidding3
Rosendorf, NigelDevelop your Bridge1
Rosendorf, NigelLearn How to Play Bridge1
Rosler, Lawrence & Rubens, JeffJournalist Leads2
Roth, AlvinPicture Bidding2
Roth, Alvin & Rubens, JeffModern Bridge Bidding Complete3
Roth, Alvin & Stone, TobiasBridge is a Partneship Game2
Roth, DFocus on Bidding1
Roth, DFocus on Declarer Play1
Roth, D.The Expert Card Player1
Roth, DannyHow good is you Bridge?1
Roth, DannySignal Success in Bridge1
Roudinesco, Jean-MarcPlay Bridge With Me1
Routman, MarkClub Level Duplicate Bridge: Which Strategies Win?1
Rovere, ErnestContract Bridge Complete Bidding and Play1
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