NSW Seniors On-line Bridge Festival

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March 14-22, 2015

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Participation in the Festival is restricted to residents of NSW who are 60 years or older. Registration is made on an individual basis but the sessions are played as matchpoint pairs. If you want to play with someone in particular, you need to pair up in BBO when registering for each specific event. If you do not have a partner, contact the Partnership Desk in BBO.

  1. If you have never registered to play on BridgeBase Online (BBO), then you need to do that first. Membership of BBO is free of charge. Once you have registered you will get a unique BBO NICK which you will need to register for the NSW Seniors On-line Bridge Festival.
    Connect to the BBO website and become a member.
  2. Next, complete the registration form below.
  3. Before the start of each session, log in to BBO and register for the particular session you want to play in.

Enter your ABF number if you have one OR indicate your grade.

Novice Intermediate Experienced

If you experience any problems with this form, please email your details to the webmaster.