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State Mixed Teams Swiss Match Results Round 1 

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Round 1Team22NSvs 14Round 1Team22EWvs 14
Pair: Peter BUCHEN - Avril ZETS Pair: Andrew PEAKE - Liz ADAMS
Opps: Craig MIETZKE - Christine HANLEY Opps: Alan BUSTANY - Di COATSNSEW
BdContDecLdScoreBdContDecLdScoreIMPs +IMPs -DatumDatum IMPsDatum IMPs
14 W K-45014 E J4201-400-21
24NTS K63024 N Q-65015901-2
36NT XW J-188036 E K14609-1000-1310
46 E 10-137046 W Q13901-1120-67
52 W 2-17053 E 81401-150-10
62 N A-15062NTE 3-100680-6-1
72NTN A-10072NTN A100-30-22
84 E K-42084 E K420-41000
93NTS K43093NTS K-400142001
104 S A620104 S 7-6206001-1
114 S 8450114 S 8-4504002-2
123 N Q110122 S 4-1401302-3
Team Rank21 of 26VPs5.07NS Pair Rank48 of 52
Next Opps10Total VPs5.07EW Pair Rank10 of 52
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