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Grand National Open Teams Qualifying Pool B Match Results Round 6 

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Round 6Team8NSvs 1Round 6Team8EWvs 1
Pair: Liz FANOS - Linda AUBUSSON Pair: Julianne ROCKS - Frances LYONS
Opps: Kinga MOSES - Nazife BASHAR Opps: Helene PITT - Ruth TOBINNSEW
BdContDecLdScoreBdContDecLdScoreIMPs +IMPs -DatumDatum IMPsDatum IMPs
162 N 5-100162NTW J1201-60-12
172 N 2110172 W A905-8050
183 N 9-300183 W K1504-150-40
Team Rank7 of 10VPs2NS Pair Rank18 of 20
Next Opps6Total VPs-5EW Pair Rank10 of 20
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