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Grand National Open Teams Qualifying Pool A Match Results Round 11 

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Round 11Team5NSvs 10Round 11Team5EWvs 10
Pair: Julian FOSTER - Giselle MUNDELL Pair: Susan HUMPHRIES - Dagmar NEUMANN
Opps: Craig MIETZKE - Christine HANLEY Opps: Alan BUSTANY - Di COATSNSEW
BdContDecLdScoreBdContDecLdScoreIMPs +IMPs -DatumDatum IMPsDatum IMPs
43NTE 320043NTE 360013-10511
52 E 410052 E 101105-4042
63 E 730061NTW 8120910056
Team Rank1 of 10VPs27NS Pair Rank2 of 24
Next Opps1Total VPs50EW Pair Rank6 of 24
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