2021 RealBridge Online
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State Teams Qualifying Qualifying Pool B Pairs ranked by Datum Score after Round 1 

Modified Datum represents your total datum score adjusted to take into account
the average score of the pairs you have played against.

112Peter BUCHEN - Terry BROWN123.011.5
231Chris DIBLEY - Michael SELDON121.010.5
311Ron KLINGER - Ian THOMSON111.05.5
432Wayne SMITH - Peter LIVESEY18.04.0
522Kinga MOSES - Nazife BASHAR16.03.0
621Dennis ZINES - Tina ZINES15.02.5
762Richard DOUGLAS - Bob SEBESFI1-5.0-2.5
861Robert KROCHMALIK - Bill HAUGHIE1-6.0-3.0
951Dagmar NEUMANN - Susan HUMPHRIES1-8.0-4.0
1042Catherine CHAFFEY - Andrew GOODCHILD1-11.0-5.5
1152Rena KAPLAN - Giselle MUNDELL1-21.0-10.5
1241Alexander COOK - Heath HENN1-23.0-11.5