2021 RealBridge Online
State Teams Qualifying Knock-out Round 1 Match Results Set 1 

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Set 1Team1NSvs 2Set 1Team1EWvs 2
Pair: Wei Zhang (N) - William Zhang (S) Pair: Tony Ong (E) - Avril Zets (W)
Opps: Tina Zines (E) - Dennis Zines (W) Opps: Nazife Bashar (N) - Kinga Moses (S)NSEW
BdContDecLdScoreBdContDecLdScoreIMPs +IMPs -DatumDatum IMPsDatum IMPs
14 XW 230015 XW A-50052202-7
23NTW K5023NTW K-50-503-3
31NTS 312031NTE 10-100111000
44 N K62042 S J-17010170100
51NTS A9052 W 51406-4043
64 N A-15063NTE 563010-580102
71NTN 5-10071NTN 5-90530-4-2
86 N 894085 S J-440111040-312
94 N 1042094 S 3-4204001-1
104 W K-130105 XE 4-2008-1200-8
115 W 10-450115 E K450-260-55
124NTE 4-490123NTW 5490-5602-2
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