2017 John Arkinstall State Open Team Finals
Final Match Results Set 4 

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Set 4Team1NSvs 2Set 4Team1EWvs 2
Pair: Pauline Gumby (N) - Warren Lazer (S) Pair: Tony Nunn (E) - Peter Gill (W)
Opps: Robert Grynberg (E) - David Stern (W) Opps: Tom Moss (N) - Dennis Zines (S)
BdContDecLdScoreBdContDecLdScoreIMPs +IMPs -
153NTW 10-490153NTW J4302
164 N 4450164 S 4-450
174 N 6420174 N 6-420
184 E A-450182 E K2006
194 S Q-50194 XS 21002
205 N Q600204 S 6-6502
212 N A110212 XE 6-3005
223NTN Q430223NTS 105010
231NTN 4120231NTN Q-1501
243 E K-130243 S 10-1707
253NTN 6400253NTN 75010
264 E J-710264 E J6801
272NTN 6120273 S Q-1501
283NTW 6-430283NTW 64001
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