2017 John Arkinstall State Open Team Finals
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Round Robin Match Results Round 5 

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Round 5Team5NSvs 8Round 5Team5EWvs 8
Pair: Eric HURLEY - Gary LYNN Pair: Marjorie ASKEW - William POWELL
Opps: Colin BAKER - Fraser REW Opps: Jessica BRAKE - Keiran CROWE-MAINSEW
BdContDecLdScoreBdContDecLdScoreIMPs +IMPs -DatumDatum IMPsDatum IMPs
13 E A10014 XE A-50091100-9
23NTE 4-40023NTW K400-180-66
33NTW 7-69034 W 5680-68000
42 N 4-10042 N 4100-40-22
51 E A-11052 E A110-60-22
64 W J20064 S 55062052
73NTS 372073NTS 2-720940-66
83NTW A-46083NTW A460-260-55
93NTW 3-66093NTW Q6901-67001
104 W A-650103NTE 10-30014-210-10-11
113NTS 5430113NTS J-40013802-1
123NTE 4-400125 E 34401-5304-3
Team Rank6 of 8VPs5.78NS Pair Rank12 of 21
Next Opps1Total VPs36.12EW Pair Rank17 of 21
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