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NSWBA Online Summer Matchpointed Swiss Pairs

Organiser: Office Manager
Phone: 02 9264 8111
Club Website:
Director:Matthew McManus

Sunday January 31, 2021 10:00 AM


This event is being run on RealBridge. Login details for each session will be posted on the NSWBA website under RealBridge > Seating. Note that RealBridge has more stringent browser requirements than BBO, so please read the RealBridge Setup document to ensure your set-up is OK.

It is a requirement that all players on RealBridge have working video and audio connections.

Entries and Payments

This event will be piloting the new "My ABF" entry and payment system which will be gradually rolled out nationwide.
All players wishing to enter (or be entered by their partner) need to register with My ABF.

For further information prior to signing up, go to My ABF, click "View Congresses" and select the Online Summer Congress 2021 by NSWBA.  Links are available to two explanatory YouTube videos.

The document below takes you through the sign up, entry and payment processes.

» How to sign up and enter a congress in My ABF

Cost: $20 per person

Any issues with entries should be directed to the organiser 02 9264 8111