Appeal 3 - 1999
Reported by Peter Newman
Father's Day Teams

Appeals Committee: K. Crowe-Mai, P. Gill, M. Wilkinson

Board 16
Game EW
Dealer West

S  K954
H  J10862
D  973
C  8

S  AJ87
H  7
D  A1086
C  10743

S  Q3
H  KQ9643
D  2
C  AJ62
S  1062
H  A
D  KQJ54
C  KQ95

PP2HX (*1)
*1 - Described by North as Penalties

Result: 2HX NS: +200

Tournament Director Statement of Facts:
South intended his bid for takeout, North believes that double in this sequence is just showing values.

TD's decision:
Misinformation but no damage as 2H appears unlikely to make 8 tricks even on declarers stated line of ducking the first heart. Score stands.

Misinformation by opponent
After the DK lead, DA, D ruff
Spade finesse losing. Probable D return. (Trick 3+)
Following that declarer can score D ruff (Trick 4+)
2 spade tricks (Tricks 5 and 6)
and declarer can make 2 more trump tricks
Declarer doesn't have to state how he would have played it immediately. He is allowed to think and plan.

Opponents Submission:
South meant double for takeout.
North thought it was penalty, even though he held 5 hearts. If he thought it takeout he would have bid 2S or 3D, the latter more likely as South should only have 3 card spade suit.

The Committee's decision: The Committee ruled: Score adjusted to NS: -670
Had the EW pair known the correct information (ie takeout) the cross ruff line will most likely make 8 tricks.

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