Appeal 2 - 1999
Reported by Peter Newman
GNOT Met Final

Appeals Committee: David Weston, Mike Hughes, Bruce Neill.

Board 12
Game NS
Dealer West

S  J4
H  K64
D  A
C  KQJ10642

S  Q
H  Q109
D  K107632
C  A53

S  A10987632
H  A87
D  94
C  -
S  K5
H  J532
D  QJ85
C  987

1S (*1)X4SX
Notes: *1 8-12 pts, 0-2 or 6+ Spades

Result: 5SX NS: -650

Tournament Director Statement of Facts:
NS claimed East may have acted on unauthorised information, arising out of a response to a question from South to West. West described 4S as "correctable". This was later disputed by West who said his response was "not sure, but in similar situations, it is correctable". It was claimed that passing was a logical alternative on East's hand.

TD's decision: Adjusted Score to +300 for North/South. Director exercised power under Law 81 to refer this matter to appeal.


The players:

The Committee's decision: The Committee ruled: TD's decision to stand.
Passing 5D was a logical alternative for East and bidding 5S may have been influenced by West's explanation of 4S.

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