Appeal 1 - 1999
Reported by Peter Newman
GNOT Met Final

Appeals Committee: David Weston, Mike Hughes, Bruce Neill.

Board 13
Game All
Dealer North

S  KJ842
H  K1064
D  A10
C  73

S  10975
H  9873
D  54
C  J106

S  Q3
H  J
D  KJ973
C  AKQ52
S  A6
H  AQ52
D  Q862
C  984

3CPPX (*1)

Result: 4H NS: +620

Tournament Director Statement of Facts:
Called to the table after play had ceased, and cards returned to the board, by East. The auction was explained and it was agreed that the second double (*1) was "slow". North agreed that this double was penalty oriented but elected to bid.
It was felt that North may/could have been influenced by the "slowness" of the double and did have a logical alternative of passing.

TD's decision: Adjusted Score to +200 for North/South


The players:

The Committee's decision: The Committee ruled: TD's decision to stand.
Passing 3CX was a logical alternative for North and bidding 3H may have been influenced by the break in tempo before South's double.

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