Appeal 1 - 2014
Reported by Pauline Gumby

ANC Butler Pairs - 06/30/2014

Appeals Committee: Appeals Committee: Michael Wilkinson  (chair), Julian Foster, Peter Fordham

Board 21
NS Vul
Dealer North

S  KQ4
H  1043
D  AQJ103
C  Q8

S  962
H  AJ65
D  85
C  J732

S  108
H  KQ987
D  K964
C  A9
S  AJ753
H  2
D  72
C  K10654

Auction and Explanations

West North East South
  1D 1H 1S
3H P* P X
P 3S P 4S
All Pass      
* agreed hesitation

Play - N/A

Result:        NS +620

Tournament Director's Statement of Facts and Ruling :   

Relevant Law: 16

I was called to the table by West at the conclusion of play. There was an agreed break in tempo by North, following West's 3H call. It was queried whether South's double may have been influenced by the unauthorised information arising. I polled a number of players as to the action they would take on the South hand after 3H followed by two passes. Double was the unanimous choice. I therefore ruled that there had been no infraction and allowed the score to stand.

Reason for Appeal: North (opener) may have had a variety of unsuitable hands, such as

Qxx or


With which she would smoothly pass, and South would want to be no higher than 3S. Even that may be down.
The long hesitation before passing strongly hints of a hand that thought about bidding 3S or X (support X perhaps). Why else hesitate?
Either way, the raise to 4S was not clear, and could be said to have been affected by the hesitation.

Note that North puts down a particularly suitable hand with 14hcp, KQx of trumps, and no wasted values in hearts. Indeed, if she had JUMPED to 4S, as I thik she should, we would have no case.

Decision of the Appeals Committee:  The committee felt that pass was a logical alternative over 3S. North's break in tempo may have suggested 4S over pass. Hence

3S by South NS +170

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