Appeal 2 - 2009
Reported by Pauline Gumby

Seniors ITS Round 11 - 26/4/2009

Appeals Committee: Neville Moses (chairman), Ross Stuart, Alex Yezerski

Board 10
Both Vul
Dealer East

S  9875
H  Q1032
D  10953
C  8

S  QJ4
H  -
D  AQ72
C  Q109632

S  AK1032
H  J95
D  K4
C  J54
S  6
H  AK8764
D  J86
C  AK7

Auction and Explanations

West North East South
1S 2H
3C 3H P 4H
4S P P X* 
P 5H P P
* agreed break in tempo

Play - N/A


Result:     5HXS NS -500

Tournament Directors Statement of Facts and Ruling:    EW claimed damage in that North took an action in bidding 5H which may have been based on the unauthorised information available from the break in tempo before South's Double.  

It was ruled that passing 4SX was a logical alternative to North and therefore there was an infraction under Law 16, which resulted in damage to EW. Score adjusted to NS -790. 

Reasons for Appeal:    I believe I would pull the X even if it were in tempo. East was bidding strongly, free bid clubs and free bid 4S. With shortage in spades South would X with a good hand and void. On this auction I thought he was void, otherwise he could pass. 

Opponents Submission:      

Decision of the Appeals Committee:    

Appeal dismissed. The committee was of the view that 75% of players of equal standard would not have bid 5H without the break in tempo and that the BIT made the 5H call more attractive. Unanumous decision by the committee but the appeal was considered to have merit.

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