Appeal 2 - 2008
Reported by Pauline Gumby

Women's ITS Final Round 1 - 25/4/2008

Appeals Committee: Bruce Neill (chariman), Kim Morrison, Marilyn Chadwick, Ed Barnes 

Board 3
EW Vul
Dealer South

H  AJ876
D  Q1063
C  74

S  6
H  KQ104
D  A842
C  6532

S  KQ107532
H  95
D  -
C  J1098
S  984
H  32
D  KJ975

Auction and Explanations

West North East South
P 1H 3S* P
3NT 4D P P
 * explained as game forcing


Play - N/A


Result:    4DS NS +150

Tournament Directors Statement of Facts and Ruling:   At the end of the auction, East left the table to ask me what she should do as West had given a wrong explanation of her bid. I instructed her to return to the table, play the hand without any comment, then explain the situation at the end of the hand.

NS claimed they were damaged by the incorrect explanation.

Ruled that there may have been damage - score adjusted to NS +500. 

Reasons for Appeal:   

  • The explanation given was a correct one of their system agreements.
  • North should have doubled anyway.

Opponents Submission:    

Decision of the Appeals Committee:    

  • Irregularity believed to have occurred
  • North given problem as a result
  • Director's ruling stands.

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