Appeal 5 - 2005
Reported by Pauline Gumby

SBF - Festival Teams  3 17/9/2005

Appeals Committee: Ted Chadwick(chairman), Ed Barnes, Kim Morrison, Keiran Crowe-Mai

Board 19
EW Vul
Dealer South

S  A54
H  Q9
D  832
C  AQ1062

S  K8762
H  K7542
D  976

S  Q
H  A1083
D  KQ105
C  9743
S  J1093
H  J6
D  AJ4
C  KJ85

3HP4HAll pass

After 3C East asked for explanation - was told 3-10 points, spades and clubs

Result:  4HW NS -620

Tournament Directors Statement of Facts and Ruling: Called at the end of the auction by South who claimed that East hesitated in making her pass. East explained that she asked about South's opening bid, looked at her hand to decide her bid and passed.

Ruled under Law 16 that there was unauthorised information - pass by West was a logical alternative.

Adjusted score to NS +110. 

Reasons for Appeal:  Director ruled West's bid of 3H not logical. We disagree - West had a void in clubs - NS have stopped in a part score. Therefore it is reasonable to assume East has points so West bid accordingly. South suggested there was a hesitation by East following North's explanation but which is denied.

Opponents Submission:    

Decision of the Appeals Committee:  Committe could see no reason to overturn the director's decision..

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