Appeal 4 - 2005
Reported by Pauline Gumby

SBF - Dick Cummings Qualifying 1 17/9/2005

Appeals Committee: Valerie Cummings(chairman), Sartaj Hans, Matt Mullamphy, David Wiltshire

Board 5
NS Vul
Dealer North

S  K974
H  94
D  J9753
C  A7

S  852
H  Q1075
D  AQ4
C  1032

S  AJ10
H  AK863
D  62
C  Q84
S  Q63
H  J2
D  K108
C  KJ965

4HAll pass  

13C Not alerted, systemically 3C = 6-9, 4H

Result:  4HW NS -420

Tournament Directors Statement of Facts and Ruling: NS claimed that West was in receipt of unauthorised information due to East's failure to alert 3C. Therefore, West should have bid 4D cue-bid and then EW would not have played in game.

West claimed that he thought that 4C would be natural even if East had remembered that 3C was a heart raise.

Ruled that no damage arose from the infraction and the score was allowed to stand. 

Reasons for Appeal: 

Opponents Submission:    

Decision of the Appeals Committee:  We have determined that the table score should stand on the basis that this result is one that might have been arrived at regardless of the failure to alert.

However EW should be penalised 1VP for same failure.

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