Appeal 3 - 2003
Reported by Pauline Gumby

Schaufelberger Teams 1 1/12/2003

Appeals Committee: Bruce Neill, Keiran Dyke, Fred Curtis

Board 11
Nil Vul
Dealer South

S  K8
H  2
D  9874
C  J97542

S  T643
H  AQ82
D  A63
C  A8

H  KJ9765
D  Q
C  T3
S  972
H  T4
D  KJT52
C  KQ6

1 Alerted, 7-12 Balanced, no major

Result:   2H NS: -350.

Tournament Directors Statement of Facts and Ruling: 2H systemically was natural, but NS have a history of bidding in this was as a psychic manoevre. This was therefore an alertable call under Law 75C. At the conclusion of the auction North called the director to advise of the failure to alert. East called me away from the table. She said that she was expecting a re-opening double from partner and hence passed. If she had known that 2H may not be natural, she would have taken some action as she knew that EW had game on. Score was adjusted to NS -480.

Reasons for Appeal: Had East known that 2H may not be natural they would double 2H as there is too big a chance that North had psyched. Once East doubles it is very hard for EW not to reach spades which makes 13 tricks.

Opponents Submission:
1) EW need to construct a plausible auction to 4S. For instance after  1H P 2H X,  P P 3C ?
2) This is NOT A PSYCHE. 2H shows this "natural non-forcing, occasionally a weak hand short in hearts."
3) Agree infraction and damage. However, the principle cause of the damage was East's failure to act. 

Decision of the Appeals Committee: Director's ruling upheld.

Committee noted that 13 tricks in spades was possible but judged it not sufficiently probable given the early bidding suggested danger of a ruff.

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