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Congresses spring back

Well, the World Bridge Championships in Marrakech, Morroco, are now over and Congresses are back on the agenda for Spring and the rest of the year! There are at least 10 local congresses in the next few weeks plus the Spring Nationals in mid-October. Why not travel to a regional Congress? Plan a weekend away for a good game, fantastic food and interesting encounters with other players.

Congresses are not only for experienced and advanced players. More and more congresses aim to offer entry level competition. The forthcoming State Novice & Restricted Teams hosted by the Central Coast Bridge Club in November is especially designed for newer players. The Spring Nationals also includes events for Novice, Rookie and Restricted players. If you haven't played in this tournament before - give it a go!

Home Advantage

Sydney Spring Nationals
18th - 25th October at Canterbury Racecourse

Each state hosts a national congress every year, e.g. the Summer Festival in Canberra, the Autumn Nationals in Adelaide, the Victor Champion Cup in Melbourne. Sydney is hosting the Spring Nationals from 18th - 25th October at Canterbury Racecourse. Support your home state and enter before 1st October to take advantage of early bird discounts!

Australian National Championships (ANC)
July 2024 in Orange

All states and territories take turns to host the ANC. Next year, NSW is the host for the ANC and in a major initiative, this important event will move from the city to the country - specifically to beautiful Orange. Orange has so much to offer - wineries, fine dining, ballooning, parks, markets and galleries. Why not make a holiday of it? Please find the full 2024 ANC program on MyABF.
2024 ANC in Orange

Upcoming Events

The NSWBA Tournament Calendar now allows you to filter the list of congresses so that you can see which are face-to-face and which are online - the online congresses can be filtered by platform. 
*please note that all 2024 events are draft only.
Oct 5-Nov 23 (Thu-Thu) NSWBA (RealBridge)
NSW Online Pairs League - Spring 23

Nov 11-12 (Sat-Sun) Central Coast Bridge Club (F2F)
State Novice & Restricted Teams

Nov 18-19 (Sat-Sun) NSWBA (F2F)
State Open Pairs Championships

Nov 24-26 (Fri-Sun) NSWBA (RealBridge)
State Open Teams Finals (online)

Nov 27-Dec 3 (Mon-Sun) NSWBA (F2F)
State Under 100MP Finals

Dec 9-10 (Sat-Sun) NSWBA (F2F)
State Youth Pairs and Teams Championships

Jan 11-Feb 29 (Thu-Thu) NSWBA (RealBridge)
NSW Open Pairs League - Summer 24

Apr 4-May 23 (Thu-Thu) NSWBA (RealBridge)
NSW Open Pairs League - Autumn 24

May 18-19 (Sat-Sun) Central Coast Leagues Club Bridge Club (F2F)
State Seniors Championships

May 28-31 (Tue-Fri) 
State Mixed Pairs Championships

Oct 9-30 (over 3 Mondays) NSWBA (RealBridge)
State Mixed Teams

Nov 6-20 (over 3 Mondays) NSWBA (RealBridge)
State Swiss Pairs

Nov 27-Dec 18 (over 4 Mondays) NSWBA (RealBridge)
Schaufelberger Teams

Mar 23-24 (Sat-Sun) NSWBA (TBA)
NSWBA Open ITS Final

Apr 5-7 (Fri-Sun) NSWBA (TBA)

Apr 19-21(Fri-Sun) NSWBA (TBA)
NSWBA Seniors' ITS

Oct 2 (Mon) NSBC@Lindfield (TBA)
Labour Day Matchpoint Pairs

Oct 7-8 (Sat-Sun) Muswellbrook Bridge Club (F2F)
Pairs and Teams

Oct 8 (Sun) Kiama and District Bridge Club (F2F)
Novice Swiss Pairs

Oct 8 (Sun) NSWBA (TBA)
Jacaranda Teams

Oct 14-15 (Sat-Sun) Dubbo Bridge Club (F2F)
Pairs and Teams

Oct 15 (Sun) Nowra Bridge Club (F2F)

Oct 15 (Sun) Pennant Hills Bridge Club (F2F)

Oct 28-29 (Sat-Sun) Tomaree Bridge Club Inc
Swiss IMP Pairs and Teams

Nov 4-5 (Sat-Sun) Southern Highlands Bridge Club
Swiss Pairs and Teams

Nov 5 (Sun) Parramatta Bridge Club
Foundation Day Teams

Nov 11-12 (Sat-Sun) Armidale Bridge Club
Swiss Pairs and Teams

Nov 11-12 (Sat-Sun) Mudgee Bridge Club
Swiss Pairs and Teams

Nov 12 (Sun) Wollstonecraft Bridge Club

Nov 19 (Sun) NSWBA
NSWBA Spring Pairs

Nov 25-26 (Sat-Sun) Grafton Bridge Club
Swiss Bulter IMP Pairs

Nov 26 (Sun) Trumps Bridge Centre
Spring Teams

Dec 16-17 (Sat-Sun) North Shore Bridge Club
Festival Season Online Congress

Dec 26-Jan 1 (Tue-Mon) Trumps Bridge Centre
Festival of Bridge

Jan 7 (Sun) North Shore Bridge Club
Summer Teams

Jan 28 (Sun) North Shore Bridge Club
Australia Day Swiss Pairs

Feb 11 (Sun) North Shore Bridge Club
Online Swiss Pairs 

Mar 9 (Sat) Armidale Bridge Club

Mar 10 (Sun) NSBC@Lindfield Bridge Club
Pauline Evans Swiss Pairs 

Mar 16-17 (Sat-Sun) Port Macquarie-Hastings Bridge Association
March Congress Swiss Pairs and Teams

Mar 17 (Sun) Parkes Bridge Club
Agnes Hewett Teams Day

Mar 23-24 (Sat-Sun) Central Coast Bridge Club
Super Congress

Apr 21 (Sun) North Shore Bridge Club
Autumn Swiss Pairs

Apr 27-28 (Sat-Sun) Peninsula Bridge Club
Swiss Pairs and Teams

Apr 28 (Sun) Newcastle Bridge Club
Novice / Restricted Swiss Teams

May 4-5 (Sat-Sun) Bathurst and District Club
Online Congress

May 4-5 (Sat-Sun) Coffs Harbour Bridge Club

May 19 (Sun) NSWBA
Autumn Swiss Pairs

May 24-26 (Fri-Sun) Wagga Wagga Bridge Club
Welcome Pairs, Swiss Pairs and Teams

May 25-26 (Sat-Sun) Yamba Bridge Club
Swiss Pairs

Sep 29-Oct 2 (Fri-Mon) Canberra ACT
Canberra in Bloom Bridge Festival

Oct 18-25 (Wed-Wed) Sydney NSW
Sydney Spring Nationals

Nov 11-12 (Sat-Sun) Mandurah WA
Golden West Swiss Pairs

Nov 11-16 (Sat-Thu) Canberra ACT
2024 Australian Open Team Playoff

Dec 1-4 (Fri-Mon) Brisbane QLD
Grand National Open Teams Final

Dec 9-14 (Sat-Thu) Canberra ACT
2024 Australian Mixed Team Playoff

Jan 6-12 (Sat-Fri) Canberra ACT
Australian Youth Championships

Jan 9-21 (Tue-Sun) Canberra ACT
Summer Festival of Bridge

Feb 17-24 (Sat-Sat) Gold Coast QLD
Gold Coast Congress

Mar 14-17 (Thu-Sun) Hobart TAS
Tasmanian Festival of Bridge

May 2-6 (Thu-Mon) Adelaide SA
Autumn Nationals

May 3-6 (Fri-Mon) Mackay QLD
Barrier Reef Congress

May 25-26 (Sat-Sun) Brisbane QLD
River City Gold Mixed Pairs
Congress Stories by
Rakesh Kumar
Although it wasn't exactly a congress, Rakesh had fun in the GNOT Metro Final Teams event; plus a report from a face-to-face Swiss Pairs event.

GNOT Metro Final
Bid as if you mean it...

NSBC@Lindfield Greg Quittner Swiss Pairs
Putting the defence to the test
Directors Course

For Clubs
If you represent a club and would like to host a Directors Course, please contact NSWBA for further details. 

For players
To better understand situations that arise when a director is called, Matthew McManus has explained several of them in detail, together with the reasons behind the rulings. His articles are written from the perspective of players - you may find them helpful in your quest to be a better congress player. Review his columns here >
The NSWBA has established a central psyche register for all congresses held in NSW.

The laws permit players to deviate from their systemic agreements so long as the partner of the player who does so has no greater reason to be aware of this deviation than the opponents. Once your partnership has a history of deviating from its agreements in a certain situation you are required to inform your opponents of this tendency.

If you feel that your opponents have psyched against you, please email details of the hand to the psyche register – no action will be taken against players who are reported to the psyche register but once a pair has multiple entries in the psyche register, congress directors will be informed so that they are aware of this history when making their rulings.

A form which can be used for submissions is available HERE.
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