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Start Fresh in February

Belated New Year greetings to all! May your 2019 be another year of challenging games, wonderful places, great friendships, and unforgettable travels!

The NSWBA started the year with the Summer Teams on 6 January 2019. The atmosphere was great for this first get-together! Team Gumby (Warren Lazer, Pauline Gumby, Peter Livesey and Peter Gill) came first, followed by Team Bloom (Martin Bloom, Les Grewcock, Peter Jeffery and Wayne Zhu) and Team Rew (Fraser Rew, Nick Rodwell, Kim Morrison and David Weston).
A great kickstart by the NSWBA Summer Teams! (Left) Team Gumby (Peter Gill, Peter Livesey, Warren Lazer and Pauline Gumby) came first, followed by (Middle) Team Bloom (Martin Bloom, Peter Jeffery, Wayne Zhu and Les Grewcock) in second and (Right) Team Rew (Fraser Rew, David Weston, Nick Rodwell and Kim Morrison) in third position.
The World Bridge Federation has announced that a Mixed Teams Event will be added to the Open, Women's and Seniors' divisions at the World Teams Championships in odd numbered years. The playoff to select the 2019 Australian Mixed team was held at the NSWBA on 25-28 January 2019. Congratulations to David Beauchamp and teammates Jodi Tutty, Renee Cooper and Ben Thompson who won the inaugural Australian Mixed Team Playoff over the Australia Day weekend.

This team with the addition of a third pair, yet to be ratified, together with the teams below will represent Australia at the Australia Pacific Bridge Championships (APBF) in Singapore in June and at the World Team Championships in Wuhan in September:

Sartaj Hans – Peter Gill – Nabil Edgtton – Andy Hung – Tony Nunn – Liam Milne
Helene Pitt – Helena Dawson – Giselle Mundell – Avril Zets – Lorna Ichilcik – Rena Kaplan
Bruce Neill – Avinash Kanetkar – Pauline Gumby – Warren Lazer – Andrew Braithwaite – Arjuna De Livera

Helena Dawson, Lorna Ichilcik, Helene Pitt, Avril Zets, Giselle Mundell and Rena Kaplan are going to represent Australian Teams in the Women's division.
Winners of the Australian Mixed Teams Playoff - (Left) Jodi Tutty, David Beauchamp, Renee Cooper and Ben Thompson. (Middle) Runners Up Leigh Gold, Kim Frazer, Kitty Muntz and Jamie Ebery. (Right) ABF thank you from Kim Frazer to convenor Marcia Scudder.
The NSWBA Matchpointed Swiss Pairs was a one-day congress running parallel to the ABF Mixed Teams Playoff semi-final on Sunday 27 January 2019. The event recorded 50 pairs entries.
The NSWBA Matchpointed Swiss Pairs was held parallel to the Semi-Final of the ABF Mixed Teams Playoff. (Left) Winners Lavy and Tomer Libman. (Middle) Ella Pattison and Jamie Thomson came second. (Right) Therese Tully and Richard Ward came third.
There is no expiry date for playing bridge. The following articles missed the deadline of the last issue but they still tell a good story:
The Schaufelberger Teams concluded the 2018 year at the last Monday night event at the NSWBA. (Left) Winner Team Foster - Andrew Peake, Julian Foster, Jessica Brake (sub for Liz Adams) and David Weston. (Right) Runner up Team Ranson - Nico Ranson, Maurits van der Vlugt, Lakshmi Sunderasan, Andre Korenhof and John McMahon.
The 2018 John Arkinstall State Open Teams was won by (Leftmost)Team Bloom - Warren Lazer, Pauline Gumby, Peter Gill, Tony Nunn and Martin Bloom (absent). (Left) Runner up Team Giura - Tony Ong, Nicoleta Giura, Helena Dawson and Nick Hughes. (Right) Country Teams was won by Team Hurley (Norther) - Eric Hurley, Gary Lynn, William Powell and Marjorie Askew. 
Running along side the State Open Teams is the Summer Swiss Pairs on 16th December 2018. (Left) Winners Axel Johannsson and Arthur Ramer (Right) George Fleischer and Mathew Vadas came second.
The results of the 2018 Under Hundred Masterpoints Championship have been finalised. Detailed results can be found here.

Upcoming Events

Events highlights from 25 February to 31 March. Click HERE to view all congresses in the whole year.

Mar 2 - 3 (Sat - Sun) Griffith Ex-Servicemens Bridge Club
Wine Country Congress Swiss Pairs and Teams
Event Details >

Mar 3 (Sun) Forbes Bridge club
Swiss Pairs
Event Details >

Mar 3 (Sun) Trumps Bridge Centre
March Teams
Event Details >

Mar 8 - 10 (Fri - Sun) Batemans Bay Bridge Club
Welcome Pairs, Swiss Pairs and Teams
Event Details >

Mar 9 - 10 (Sat - Sun) Armidale Bridge Club
Swiss Pairs
Event Details >

Mar 9 - 10 (Sat - Sun) Wellington Bridge Club 
Annual Congress - Pairs and Teams
Event Details >

Mar 16 - 17 (Sat - Sun) Ballina Bridge Club
Swiss Cross IMP Pairs and Teams
Event Details >

Mar 16 - 17 (Sat - Sun) Port Macquarie-Hastings Bridge Association
March Congress Swiss Pairs and Teams
Event Details >

Mar 17 (Sun) Kiama and District Bridge Club
Novice Pairs
Event Details >

Mar 17 (Sun) NSBC@Lindfield
Swiss Pairs
Event Details >

Mar 23 - 24 (Sat - Sun) Inverell Delvyn Bridge Club
Event Details >

Mar 30 - 31 (Sat - Sun) Tamworth Bridge Club
Event Details >

Feb 25 - Mar 11 (over 3 Mon nights) NSWBA Open ITS Stage II
Event Details >

Feb 25 - Mar 11 (over 3 Mon nights) NSWBA ITS Swiss Pairs
Event Details >

Mar 23 - 24 (Sat - Sun) State Novice and Restricted Pairs
Event Details >

Mar 28 - 31 (Thu - Sun) Tasmanian Festival of Bridge
Event Details >

Mar 18 - 21 (Mon - Thu) Bridge with Beauchamp Fairmont Resort Leura
Holiday Details >


Better late than never, the following articles missed the deadline of the last issue. Luckily there is no expiry date for a good bridge story, especially those by Rakesh Kumar:

Wollstonecraft Swiss Pairs
- Not a good day for sacrifices!

Trumps Festival Pairs
- Slamming your way into 2019
Thank you for sending us the topics you are interested in. We appreciate your passion and Matthew McManus will filter these queries and answer them in his column from time to time. In the meantime, please follow Matthew McManus' column here >


Your Association is pleased to acknowledge this 2018 Award. There will be four categories:
  • Open
  • Intermediate <750 MPs
  • Restricted <300 MPs
  • Novice <100 MPs
Click HERE for our current "interim" list, as at 30th September 2018. This award is based on masterpoints earned at NSW Congresses held under the auspices of NSWBA during the year.


The NSWBA has decided to establish a central psyche register for all congresses held in NSW.

The laws permit players to deviate from their systemic agreements so long as the partner of the player who does so has no greater reason to be aware of this deviation than the opponents. Once your partnership has a history of deviating from its agreements in a certain situation you are required to inform your opponents of this tendency.

If you feel that your opponents have psyched against you, please email details of the hand to the psyche register – no action will be taken against players who are reported to the psyche register but once a pair has multiple entries in the psyche register, congress directors will be informed so that they are aware of this history when making their rulings.

A form which can be used for submissions is available HERE.


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