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Contacts for the zones and regions are:-

MetropolitanPeter Cox
Metro EastPeter Cox
Metro NorthTBA
Metro SouthTBA
Metro WestVince Cariola
Far NorthRebecca Rogers
Mid North CoastPhilip Houlton
North InlandGlenda Parmenter
Outer MetropolitanAlan Bustany
Central CoastRonnie Ng
HunterPaul Rooms
SouthernRakesh Kumar
Far South CoastKaren Creet
South CoastSteve Hurley
Southern HighlandsStephen Brabyn
Central WestMarelle Irvine
South WestAdrian Thompson

Primary role of the Regional Representative

  • Part of the NSWBA network
  • A communication conduit between players and clubs in your region and the NSWBA:
    • Be an advocate for the NSWBA in your local area
    • Be a spokesperson for clubs/players in your local area to the NSWBA
What should a Regional Representative do?
  • Maintain active contact with the clubs in your region
  • Encourage them to get involved in NSWBA events
  • Push for directing / teaching / other assistance for clubs in your region as needed
  • Advise the NSWBA of any key issues or concerns from clubs in your region
  • Keep abreast of NSWBA communications to the clubs in your region (NSWBA should copy you on any of these)
  • Liaise with other Regional representatives in your zone
  • Liaise with your zone Councillor
  • Attend the annual NSWBA Regional Representatives meeting
  • Try and attend key activities at clubs in your region
  • Be able and willing to answer common questions about the NSWBA (see below)

Common questions and suggested answers with NSWBA website references

Q. What do we get from the NSWBA for our affiliation fees?

A. Free insurance cover (yes the ABF organises it but most of the cost is passed to the State bodies) Assistance with bridge teaching, directing, marketing, and all activities relating to running a bridge club. Access to assorted State championships Administration of all Congresses and the calendar NSWBA bulletin Contribution to State teams’ travel to Interstate ANC’s.

Q. What’s the difference between the NSWBA and the ABF?

A. NSWBA is the State body your club affiliates to. ABF is the National body that NSWBA affiliates to.

Q. Who do we ask for help with directing/teaching/other?

A. Your Regional Rep in the first instance – they will be able to advise who at the NSWBA is responsible for that area, or contact them for you. A variety of general information for clubs is available on the website:

Q. What can we get funding for?

A. Loans for premises/other large capital expenses

A variety of other things:

  • Teaching tours
  • Directing workshops
  • General bridge promotion activities
  • Sending pairs or teams to State finals

Q. What competitions can we run?

A. GNOT Country / Metro teams, State Mixed Pairs, State Open Pairs, Statewide Pairs, Country Carnival, State Under 100 MP Pairs, Interclub Competitions, Congresses.