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The New South Wales Bridge Association (NSWBA)

The NSWBA is the State body responsible for administering bridge in New South Wales. It is a not for profit organisation and its headquarters are located in Sydney. The NSWBA is run by a Council.

The contacts for the NSWBA are:-

Address 1st Floor, 162 Goulburn Street, East Sydney, 2010
Telephone (02) 9264-8111
Web site

Zones and Regions

NSW is large and there are 155 affiliated clubs with over 13,000 members. It is therefore impossible for the NSWBA to directly maintain links with all of them. Consequently the State is split into 5 zones (each with a NSWBA Councillor), further split into 15 regions (each with a representative) containing a smaller number of clubs. See table below for details.

A club's zone is based on the postcode of the club's premises. Details of the zones can be found on the Council page. Clubs can also see which zone and region they are in by viewing the Club details from the Find a club page.

Details of the Regional representatives, their role and contact details can be found on the NSW Regional Representatives page.

Administrative structure for bridge in NSW

NSWBA Zones Regions Clubs Players
Metropolitan North 30 3,887
South 7 351
East 9 861 
West 17 1,630
Totals: 4 63 6,729
Outer Metropolitan Hunter 16 1,061
Central Coast 4 538
Mountains 6 307
Totals: 3 26 1,906
Northern Far North 10 696
North Inland 10 473
Mid North Coast 11 810
Totals: 3 31 1,979
Southern Far South Coast 7 444
South Coast 4 571
Southern Highlands 4 291
Totals: 3 15 1,306
Western Central West 13 752
South West 7 416
Totals: 2 20 1,168
TOTALS AT 31 OCT 2020 5 15 155 13,088

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